Set exchange rates

Updated on 05 Jan 2024

There are two options of getting exchange rates for the operations:

  • manage them manually
  • get from third-party

In our case, we use Currency Cloud ( as a third-party solution for getting currency exchange rates.

To switch between manual and automated mode (Currency Cloud) the system should be redeployed with corresponding changes in the YAML file.

1   rate:
2   exchange-rates:
3   ttl: PT6H
4   currency-cloud:
5   enabled: true
6   url: ‘’
7   login-id: ‘…’
8   api-key: ‘…’


  • TTL – a frequency of getting the updated rates from third-party
  • currency-cloud.enabled – true/false means turn on/turn off using Currency Cloud. If it’s turned off then the system uses manually set up exchange rates. If it’s turned on – the system gets exchange rates from Currency Cloud.

You need to create your own account in Currency Cloud in order to use it.

See currency exchange commission calculation