Third Party providers

Updated on 17 Jan 2024

Third Party Providers are payment systems and services integrated with platform to perform external operations.

There are different types of third party providers such as:
• Payment Service Providers (PSPs) for Cross-border payments, Utility payment/bill payment, Stock management/eVoucher, Remote payments, Online payments
• KYC providers for KYC/eKYC process automation
• Remittance providers for International remittance and Remittance payments
• Chatbot providers for AI chat assistant for support & ticketing system for customer tickets
• AML-CTF providers for Compliance management and AML and CTF checks for onboarding process and regular checking
• ATM networks for Cash top-up and withdrawals through ATMs
• Card processors for Issuance of virtual and physical debit/credit cards, Tokenization for cards and payments, top-up and withdrawals to cards.
• Third-party exchange services for currency exchange operations
• Other third parties for loans, CRM integration, eCommerce plugins, other popular payment platforms.

Such integrations allow E-wallet Users perform different types of operations within the E-wallet app, not having to be redirected to other external services. From the business point of view, such functionality guarantees funds circulation within the system and earning more commissions or affiliate fees. platform is designed to have a separate accounting for each integrated provider, controlling the commissions flows.
In the Contracts management system it is possible to configure fees and limits for each provider as well as to allow/prohibit certain provider operations for a particular group of users.

There’s a list of APIs that allows you to work with third-party providers and configure limits and fees for their services/products.

There are different use cases where Provider integration is described, including the APIs that can be used:
Adding Provider to the Contract
Top-up wallet via third party Provider
Withdraw funds via third party Provider
Bills payment