Licensing Policy

This Licensing Policy (Policy) is developed for your guidance.

By starting our cooperation We will offer You to sign the License Contract.

If you chose any additional services related to hosting, customization, set-up, consulting services etc. – they should be subject to separate contracts or agreements.

This Policy describes main licensing conditions under the License Contract and its provisions are always  included to the License Contract and are not subject to change.

  1. Terms and definitions

  • For the purposes of this Policy “Licensor”, “Us”, “We” or “Our” refer to the owner of the website and software – Cyber Force Group s.r.o., legal entity registered under the Czech Republic law,  register number 01987232, Address: Křemencova 186/7, Nove Město, 110 00 Praha 1.
  • License –  non-exclusive proprietary intellectual property rights  on the modules of granted by Us to the Licensee (“You”) on terms and conditions determined in the Contract.
  • License Contract (Contract) – License Contract between Us and You, under which we grant the License for All rules and conditions for granting the License are determined by the Contract and are deemed to be agreed and expressly set by the parties of the Contract.
  • Cloud-based version of is based on Our servers. You might have an administrative access to the software via Our website. We are responsible for technical operability of the software 24hours a day.
  • Self-hosted version of is based on Your servers. You take responsibility for hosting of copy of, its operability and remote access to the software on Your servers.
  1. Main conditions of License Contract

  • We provide  non-exclusive License on the modules of for Your use.
  • You acquire the rights granted by Us and undertake to pay for them under conditions agreed in Contract.
  • The scope of intellectual property rights is determined in the Contract.
  • The territorial scope of the License is not limited.
  • Any additional services related to customization, set up, consulting support etc. are subject to  separate contracts.
  • You have no right to  decompile, separate, change or modify source code, program code, program components of and also the whole as an integral software, unless Our prior written permission  for such conduct is obtained.
  • You have the right to get updates of, if any updates are provided by Us.
  • We warrant that We are  the only owner of exclusive proprietary intellectual property rights to or have obtained all necessary rights, permits and accepts from authors or other owners of such intellectual property rights to conclude the Contract.
  • Efficiency and functionality of in no case means efficiency of its tools, modules, methods and algorithms for the purposes You may consider necessary or important.
  1. Rights of the Licensee

Based on the Contract You will have right to:

  • develop own products based on
  • provide  to Your customers Products developed on the basis of
  • use at Your own risk.
  • get administrative access to the via Our website ( cloud-based version)
  • administrate and operate copy of on Your server by Yourself (self-hosted version).

Based on the Contract You are  not entitled to:

  • sell the copy of to third parties.
  • grant the copy of to third parties in any form.
  1. Branding clause

  • is granted as a white label back-end software. This means that by purchasing the License for You have right to  rebrand it to give the impression that You created it.
  • The white label clause does not apply in the event that We provide You with a discount for the License more than 20%. In this case You will be obliged to use the logo (“powered by”)  on any web-site, application or other material, product or service developed by You based on technology. You will be also obliged to publish on own websites links to the Our web-site, mentioning that Your products are built on the technology.
  1. Governing law

  • The Contract and all its subsequent variations as well as disputes related thereto shall be subject to, governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Сzech Republic for every purpose.