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Payment Gateway & Transfers’ Endpoints

How does your payment gateway work?

We provide a payment gateway that is a component of the platform and designed for the easiest integration and management of dozens of payment tools.

Payment Gateway is a subsystem that provides execution of operations on funds’ top-up/withdrawal to/from the system in automatic mode.
This is an aggregated payment gateway, which can integrate many payment systems (Paypal, Bitcoin, payment kiosks, cash, bank transfers, etc.)

The provider is any external system integrated through API provided by the external system into the universal protocol of the Payment Gateway.

By external system are  meant such providers as:

  • Card processors
  • Electronic money systems
  • Money Transfer Services
  • Payment Service Providers
  • POS terminals
  • ATM
  • Cashiers
  • Operators

A set of controllers for in and out operations can differ depending on the requirements of a specific project. Inside the Payment Gateway subsystem there is a commission calculation module for incoming and outgoing operations.

Types of commissions are internal and external.

Commissions are managed by administrative Actors (CFO, Financial Specialist. etc).  

Merchant and other system actors, who require access to the payment gateway work through unified API that allows Merchant to work with all controllers of payment gateway through one API.

Payment Gateway controllers can be extended for unlimited amount of providers and are quickly configured by adding typical providers (CyberSource, Global Payments, Wirecard, etc.).

The subsystem supports tracking the status of pending and long-lasting transactions. There’s a possibility of manual management on semi-automatic incoming and outgoing channels

Do the payment methods support NFC, Barcode, QR-code and sound payment processing?

Our back-end supports NFC, Barcode, QR-code. For sound payment processing we need to integrate a supplier, the one you choose (like Alexa, etc.)

Is there a possibility to manage commissions and limits for different types of services?

There are “Contracts” in the system for managing commissions and limits. The contract defines a group of users for certain parameters (role, verification, etc.), commissions and limits are set there. Contracts are managed by the CFO. Contracts determine set of rules for the external users. Such rules include:

  • A set of provided services (types of available transactions)
  • Commission for each type of transaction in each currency
  • Limits for each type of transaction in each currency
  • Available products
  • Available gates for external transactions

Does the App allow you to manage accounts in different banks, different credit/debit or virtual cards?

It’s possible, in case, each bank provides the technical documentation (API, Sandbox, access to the merchant’s account and its information etc.)

When documentation is available, our developers start completing the integration on the Time and Material (T&M) basis.

Usually, completing the integration takes about 1-2 weeks.

Where can I see IBAN?

There are the end-points of our API:
Top-up via bank
Create a request to withdraw via bank
View profile’s bank accounts
Create a new bank account
Update a bank account

How is it possible to complete in-system transfers?

There are the end-points of our API:
Mass payments
Merchant payment

How is it possible to pay via SEPA?

There are the end-points of our API:
Top-up via bank
Create a request to withdraw via bank
View profile’s bank accounts
Create a new bank account
Update a bank account

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Written by Alex Malyshev on Jan, 12, 2018

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