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Platform Functionality

Starting a topic of Platform functionality, we should mention a few important concepts. Below you can find a detailed description of each Functionality feature.

The main Functionality features are:

Concept of an individualSomeone who has an account in the system and benefits from P2P money transfer, money exchange, paying to merchants, etc.
Concept of merchantMerchant is someone who accepts payments from individuals for goods and services.
Full control over the system through set of back-offices A set of actors that help you keep all under control and organize a service to Individuals & Merchants.
Actors: CFO, Compliance, Anti-fraud, Exchange, Cashier, Accountant, Support.
Anti-fraud + Compliance controlUse scoring systems integration and customizable rules to minimize your risks during onboarding & operations.
Multi-currency accountAbility to add dozens of currencies into the system & provide multi-currency service.
Payment & money transfer operationsFull scope of payment add-on services including money transfer, payment, chargeback, invoicing, etc.
Fees & LimitsAbility to set commissions and fees (fix or % or a mix of them) for each type of transaction.
ReportingFull set of data including system logs. Get customized reports and watch “live” stats with User Dashboard.
Multilingual & supportIncrease customer satisfaction with user’s native language interface.


What are the main groups of SDK Finance Functionality?

The SDK.finance functionality can be divided into two main groups: general functionality and payment functionality. Each group is responsible for specific processes.

General functionality — covers basic business processes which are common for different types of projects such as

  • Registration
  • Authorization
  • Password recovery
  • Profile management
  • etc.

To the General functionality, we also refer the business processes to be executed by Service Actors, such as Administrator, CFO, Compliance Manager, etc. (check the detailed table below)

  • Fees & Limits for all types of operations
  • Contracts management
  • Powerful reporting
  • Aggregation type of payment gateway
  • Multilingual system

Payment functionality — is a specific set of core payment processes, which you can combine to build a specific FinTech product.

Payment functionality includes:

  • Full set of payment operations:
  • Check balance
  • Top-up & Withdrawal
  • P2P money transfers
  • Payment acceptance: includes Recurring payment & Subscription, Invoicing
  • Dispute Resolution Services: Refund, Chargeback, Partial refund & chargeback
  • Mass Payment
  • Loyalty: Cashback, Bonuses, Points & Discounts
  • Money exchange
  • Issuing & redeeming of Prepaid cards & Gift cards
  • Multi-currency accounts for Clients

One of the bedrock concepts of our FinTech solution is the concept of Actors, which enables the creation of new roles determining subordination and functionality. SDK.finance platform offers the Actors with preconfigured functionality, common for multiple FinTech projects.

The Concept of Actors

We can divide Actors into two main groups:

Business Actors — these are end users of the FinTech product, who bring the business value to the system and for whom you are essentially building your Product.

SDK.finance defines such business actors as:

  • Individual
  • Merchant
  • Mass-payout (wallet to wallet from the uploaded payout list),
  • Exchange Agent (Set and edit exchange rates)
  • Agent (Issuance and Sale of prepaid cards/vouchers, for instance, but depends on the client’s business model).

Below is the list of functionalities for Business Actors provided by SDK.finance:


  • Create account
  • Check balance
  • Check transactions history
  • Top-up account
  • Withdraw from account
  • Wallet to wallet transfer
  • Issue Invoice
  • Pay Invoice
  • Accept Payments
  • Add POS
  • Manage POS
  • Merchant API
  • Payment Page
  • Pay to Service Providers
  • Create and Activate prepaid vouchers
  • Upload documents for verification
  • Change contract
  • Manage Profile
  • Delete Wallet
  • Delete account
  • Create account
  • Check balance
  • Check transactions history
  • Top-up account
  • Withdraw from account
  • Wallet to wallet transfer
  • Pay Invoice
  • Pay to Merchants
  • Pay to Service Providers
  • Create and Activate prepaid vouchers
  • Upload documents for verification
  • Change contract
  • Manage Profile
  • Delete Wallet
  • Delete account
MASS PAYOUTFunctionality of Individual +

  • Upload register (.xls format) for mass payout
  • Download samples of payment registers
  • Approve/decline register by the system (in case the account or wallet doesn’t exist)
  • Processing of register and check if the limits are not exceeded or if there are enough funds on Mass-Payout account
  • Creation of sub-ordinated account and its management (top-up balance, approve requests for payout, etc.)


Service Actors — are the main roles who control and manage the system and interact with Business Actors. In SDK.finance, we’ve created such Actors* as:

  • Admin
  • CFO
  • Accountant
  • Compliance Manager
  • Anti-fraud Manager
  • Customer Support

*You can read descriptions and watch our demo

The Functionality of Service Actors:

Actors (users) Management


  • CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) and subordinated Actors
  • Block/unblock existing Actor
  • Edit Actor’s profile
  • Restore password
  • Block/Delete/Archive created User
  • Delete/Block wallets
  • Create connection between Actor and organization or essence
  • Assign Contract to user
Content management


  • Multi-language system
  • Ability to add/change content of buttons, text, etc, inside the system
  • System messages that can be delivered to back-offices of Actors
Contracts management


  • Create Contracts
  • Check the list of existing contracts
  • Edit Contract terms:
  • Edit available transactions
  • Edit limits
  • Edit commissions
  • Check the list of changes
  • Ability to edit contracts on request of subordinated Actors.
Currency rates management


  • Setting the Interchange rates
  • Check the history of rates changes
  • Block/unblock of selected exchange directions
Anti-fraud functionalityApprove transactions:

  • Receive notifications on transactions approval
  • Receive requests for investigations from Compliance and Customer Support
  • Check the last operations on users’ accounts.
  • Check the last 10 Browser Fingerprints
  • Declines/Approves requests.


  • Access the list of profiles inside the system
  • Access the list of accounts/wallets and transaction history of each account
  • Block transactions (incoming or outgoing)
  • Block accounts
  • Send notifications directly to user
  • Access the list of all profiles in the system (Admin may restrict access to specific administration profiles)
  • Block/unblock profiles
  • View documents uploaded by users for verification
  • Flags documents as verified/unverified
  • Flags users as identified/not identified
  • Sends direct messages to users
Customer Support
  • Access the list of all profiles in the system
  • Access the list of financial accounts/wallets and transaction history of each account (can be limited to a certain amount of last transactions)
  • List of all support tickets sent by user
  • Block/unblock profile or account
  • Send direct messages to the user
  • Send requests to Anti-fraud to carry out investigation