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Cloud migration replatforming of businesses into the success develops software solutions for accounting, digital transformation and business process optimization. Integrate the business with one of them in the cloud.

Replatform by cloud migration with’s help!

Accounting and transaction settlement software

A ledger layer for transactions accounting, client management, and transaction settlement deployed on the cloud. With’s software, the company may automate accounting and have reliable data to compare with the banking reports. The ledger layer on the cloud allows the platform migration and reengineering of existing systems without moving the databases into the cloud too. The’s solution extracts the data from the business’s data lake and returns it back structured and enriched. The ledger layer integrated with the POS or e-commerce platforms will dramatically improve the accounting model and help with assets management.

Ewallet and cashout software integration solutions provide functionality for account creation for the client base with their payment credentials. This software allows integrating the ledger layer or e-wallets of each client with the payment acceptance and card issuing providers. It lets the businesses integrate the Visa or Mastercard payment gateways. Businesses may also decide between on premise to cloud migration, as provides both options with the infrastructure agnostic products.

Migrating to a new a platform for the business needs

The business process may have some unique features the company would like to implement into the platform. is ready to implement them into the basic functionality of its software solution. As an example, can integrate the business application for clients with the platform or design a specific CMS integrated with the ledger layer.

Client Management and Teams’ back-office allows teams with different tasks to work with the platform effectively. The company designed a multi-role working model where managers can assign specific roles to the accounts, manage the access to exact sections of the platform and track the workers’ activities in the system. This back office has solutions for data analysis that can be adjusted to the current workflow and provide personalized real-time data.

Replatforming in a cloud of the company’s business workflow

Previous software and workflow solutions may have historic flows that the company can no longer cope with by adjustments or updates. But moving from one platform to another may be an option. helps to move the existing workflow and adjust the software to business needs. With the re-platforming, the business gets lower operational expenses, optimizes product development, and cuts the expenses on the infrastructure company needs to maintain. A new API-oriented modular software solution written in a modern stack of technologies will secure business scalability for a decade or even more.

With’s product, its development team also introduces new coding and security approaches that it practiced in banking software development. brings best practices in product delivery, infrastructure monitoring, and code quality control. Improve the PDLC (product development life cycle), development team management, and software quality by replatforming to solution once.

Choosing between cloud and in-house infrastructure develops software solutions that businesses can deploy on their mainframe or in-cloud. offers an infrastructure agnostic platform for the business that can migrate its workflows to. This software can be launched on the Azure or AWS cloud infrastructure. Choosing in-house option offers greater flexibility and freedom in future product development. On the other hand, the business to-the-cloud migration is cost-effective and shifts the responsibility to teams.

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