Power BI for banking

SDK.finance + Microsoft Power Bi = Business Intelligence for banking

Dashboards in package

Daily inconsistency check dashboard

SDK.finance daily inconsistency check Power BI dashboard allows us to check and compare the sums of transactions with the amounts on the balance and the amounts transferred to the bank accounts.

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Balance dashboard

Balance Power BI dashboard a high-level report about the balanced state in general with the ability to drill down to more details by any wallet type, source, level, etc.

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Settlement & Reconciliation dashboard

The Settlement & Reconciliation dashboard allows to review and reconcile third-party transaction details. It also helps to identify problematic transactions and provides detailed information about them.

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Commissions dashboard

Commissions dashboard report that includes the summary and details about all available commissions for different contracts, client and operation types, etc. This Power BI dashboard also allows forecasting the results of the commission’s changes.

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Limits dashboard

Limits dashboard similar to the previous one, this dashboard presents the summary and details about all limits by different categories. It also assists in forecasting the results of limit adjustments.

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