Prepaid cards

A Prepaid card is a preloaded debit card that allows the cardholder to use it for the purchase of goods or services. Prepaid cards can be presented in several forms:
  • Physical – a plastic card with an individual design;
  • Electronic code – a code delivered by e-mail, Facebook or SMS;
  • Electronic app – an offer via a special app for smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Administrative options:

  • Manage the ways of issuing Prepaid cards:
  • The system administrator;
  • Your customer on the company’s site;
  • Your partners;
  • External infrastructures (payment kiosks and vending machines).
  • Manage Prepaid card presentation options for the customers:
  • Physical medium – a plastic card with an individual design;
  • Electronic medium – a code delivered by E-mail, Facebook or SMS;
  • Electronic medium – an offer via a special app for smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Set the Prepaid card settings:

  • Specify the card value;
  • Expiration date;
  • Serial number;
  • PIN code;
  • Other additional settings.
  • Control over the transactions:
  • Full control over users.
  • Add & manage POS (point of sale);
  • Reporting & analytics:
  • History overview (list of transactions);
  • Transaction details overview (payer details, amount of payment, payment type (recurrent payment or not), purpose, currency, invoice number);
  • Advanced data analytics and visualisation of unstructured payments data, which transforms it into a rich source of strategic insights that helps optimise the online business and drives sales.

User’s options:

  • User’s account:
  • Balance;
  • History of transactions.
  • Top up balance;
  • Balance transfer to another card holder.

Typical list of actors for the Prepaid card business model:

  • Primary actors:
    • Merchant – accepts Prepaid cards online;
    • User – someone who pays the merchants for goods/services by using Prepaid cards.
  • System actors:
  • Admin – responsible for all operations.
Prepaid card roles

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