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Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform that provides non-technical business users with tools for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing data.

For 13 consecutive years, Gartner has recognized Microsoft as a Magic Quadrant Leader in analytics and business intelligence platforms. More than 634 thousand companies use Microsoft Power BI worldwide. + Microsoft Power Bi = Business Intelligence for a Payment company

Payment data analytics is presenting significant opportunities for banks and financial institutions to drive additional revenues and enhance their value proposition. The banking industry has a huge number of databases in completely different formats accumulated in data lakes from many sources. They were born out of the need to harness big data.

For, a payment technology vendor for banks and financial institutions, processing and convenient visualization of such raw, unstructured data for business use is an enormous technological challenge. Power BI with built-in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities helps to transform data lakes to data warehouses. Processed data is used in charts, spreadsheets, tables, so that most people in a company can read it and use it for business decisions.

Combining MS Power BI with core for banks and financial institutions is a great Power BI banking showcase.

The list of Power BI dashboards generated by is designed for key decision-makers such as CEOs, CFOs, stakeholders, KYC, compliance, financial, and marketing managers to find insights, make confident decisions in different parts of the payments business, and achieve synergy with powerful results. 

Which Power BI dashboards does offer?

  • Daily inconsistency check dashboard 
  • Balance dashboard 
  • Settlement & Reconciliation dashboard 
  • Commissions dashboard 
  • Limits dashboard

Daily inconsistency check dashboard daily inconsistency check Power BI dashboard allows companies to check and compare the sums of transactions with the amounts on balance and the amounts transferred to bank accounts.

Screenshot 1. Daily inconsistency check – graphs and totals

Security risk reduction is a huge advantage that has reached by integrating Microsoft Power BI with our core payment platform for banks and financial institutions

The new reporting Power BI layer implemented by also helps to identify problematic transactions and provides detailed information about them. It monitors and reports about anomalies for the detection and prevention of financial crime (internal and external fraud attempts).

Screenshot 2. Daily inconsistency check – details tables

Balance dashboard

The Balance Power BI dashboard a high-level report about the balance in general with the ability to drill down to more detailed information and filter by any wallet type, source, level, etc.

Screenshot 3. Balance – graphs, and details

Settlement & Reconciliation dashboard

The Settlement & Reconciliation dashboard allows to review and reconcile third-party transaction details. It also helps to identify problematic transactions and provides detailed information about them.

Screenshot 4. Settlement & Reconciliation dashboard

Commissions dashboard

The Commissions dashboard report includes the summary and details about all available commissions for different contracts, client, and operation types, etc. This Power BI dashboard also allows forecasting the results of the commissions’ changes.

Screenshot 5. Commissions – graphs and details

Screenshot 6. Commissions – forecasting

Limits dashboard

The Limits dashboard presents the summary and details about all limits by different categories. It also assists in forecasting the results of limit adjustments.

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