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Get the Analytics your payment-heavy Business needs for Growth offers real-time industry-specific reports for your payment business. It is a cloud-based solution to transform your data into structured analytics and insights

Your virtual Data Analytics and Marketing Teams in one Cloud-based solution presents your business data as visualized reports about your product performance. We take your raw data via API and put it into your storage on our cloud. Our data processing software transforms the structured data from your data lake into hot actionable charts. Take data-driven actions backed by these reports:

Control the acquisition and onboarding flow
Know and manage your clients for real
Manage the products and business key metrics
  • Track leads to customers conversion rate and CAC
  • Find the traffic drop-offs to tackle them
  • Get the alerts when the metrics change drastically
  • Get reports about in-product service usage and customer journey map
  • Make marketing decisions based upon the client profile analysis
  • Find undermonetized services
  • Track how you keep the churn down
  • Overview client segmentation and segments performance
  • See the services profitability
  • Track the results and profits from the pricing plans
  • Have a complete vision of the LTV/CAC ratio for specific products
  • Track your business vitals: ARR, Gross Dollar Retention Revenue, DAU/MAU

Do you want a full insight on how your business is doing?

We present industry-specific reports. You do not spend money on a whole Data Analytics department. Find out how it works.

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Your data from all sources unified in real-time reports

Connect your databases with our cloud based analytic core to receive real-time reports about your products and services. This connection requires minimum resources from you and allows you to get the analytics you need without maintaining the Analytics Department and hardware infrastructure.

Better than an in-house team

Efficient data analysis requires a lot of resources in house.This includes Marketing and Analytics Teams that know exactly what data and how to visualize, so you get the right insights. On the technical side, you need a team that creates and supports the hardware architecture.

Choosing cloud solution instead, you free up time and resources.

Best way to start the data analysis you have always wanted to

With an easy API-integrated product from, you can use the analytics reports on your data much quicker than it would take to build the department and organize the data on-premise. Entrusting the department’s work to us also allows you to avoid capital investments into the popular trend. Though the data analysis is tempting and spoken a lot now, it is hard to predict how it may pay off for you in the long run. covers the integration, data extraction, and analysis of the data, maintaining your data reporting at a low cost.

Industry specific real-time reports

We have the expertise to give the right answers about ecosystems of payment-oriented businesses and neobanks. We designed the product to answer your “What is going on with my business” question via comprehensive visualized reports. You can receive the information about your clients, products, unit economy and acquisition in just a few clicks. offers ready-to-use reports based on your data to answer your business questions. We also help with onboarding and daily work with data reports.

Insights from the data you already have

SDK finance works with your data to extract, transform and import it from various sources and consolidate in one dashboard. It is about working both with the data you are collecting right now and the historical info you have already aggregated.

Compare the data of the past reports with the results of the predictive models we offer you to take further business actions with certainty.

Why analytic reports from give you a competitive edge?

  • Easy to start with hybrid data warehouse and on-cloud reports
  • Experience in your niche: getting the reports you really benefit from
  • Plan and easy-grasp design on the key reports of your company
  • What-to-do-next analytics and predictions
  • Alerts and dedicated manager to help you to get used with new reports

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