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Getting started with the SaaS platform

Considering the complexity of our software, we have put together a short guide on the process of starting out with SaaS subscription. For your convenience, the process is split into stages.

Discovery stage

  1. A customer shares their product vision with us during an intro call. 
  2. We provide answers to their questions and run as many QA sessions as necessary.
  3. Once a customer is ready to start their subscription, both parties sign a contract and move on to the next stage. 

Team recommendations

To get started with the platform, we recommend that a customer has at least 2 specialists:

  • UI/UX designer – to work on the prospective product’s frontend design concept.
  • DevOps – to maintain the databases on the customer’s side. 

At the later stages of the customer’s product life cycle, more team members (like business analysts, developers, QAs etc.)  might be needed, depending on the product features. 

Launching the application instance 

Databases setup

According to the hybrid cloud delivery mode, the main database should be hosted on the customer’s servers and maintained by their in-house team. If necessary, team will provide assistance with the databases and notification services setup upon request.

  1. The customer needs to set up the databases following the instructions.
    Database setup guide
  2. The customer needs to set up SNS and SES notification services, following the instructions.
    SNS and SES setup guide
  3. Provide the following database details:
Domain (
Legal name
AWS region
VPC subnet
Owner ID
Postgres DB parameters
HostPortUserDB namePassword
Mongo DB parameters
Host IPPortUserPassword
User Access Key ID
User Access Secret Key

Connecting an application instance 

  1. Using the provided details, will set up a separate application instance for the customer and send a database connection request. 
  2. Database connection request has to be approved on the customer’s side. 
  3. Once the database is connected, the application instance is started. 

Front-end server setup

The customer needs to configure the front-end server following the instructions. 

Frontend server setup guide

Swagger setup 

Finally, completes Swagger setup for the customer. 

Now, at this stage, the customer’s application instance setup is finished and the customer can start using platform. 


Customers can use API endpoints to develop integrations with third party services and providers, as per their product roadmap. team doesn’t provide custom development services. If needed, can connect its customers with trusted partners – fintech software development companies that can implement extra features on top of platform. 

Follow-up support provides efficient email and chat support to each SaaS version subscriber via a personal Customer success manager.

At this point, 24/7 live support isn’t available, but any issues with the application instance that arise will be handled by the team promptly during and (for emergencies) beyond their working hours.

If you have any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us for answers.