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SaaS Version of Payment Platform is Available

SaaS Version of Payment Platform is Available
Alex Malyshev SaaS version is available

We are proud to announce the release of the SaaS version of the ledger layer API-driven platform, now available through the hybrid cloud delivery model. It opens the door for startups and smaller companies to implement their fintech product idea on top of our SaaS solution without upfront investments. 

The soaring demand for branchless banking, contactless payments and cashless transactions, brought about by the pandemic, calls for sophisticated technology to enable all of this. So, as the payment services market continues to grow, and more businesses are considering their finance venture, we have been working tirelessly to refine our offerings. 

Conversations with potential customers have demonstrated that the on-premise version of our fintech platform may limit smaller companies and startups from using it to bring their product idea to life.

This fact, along with the desire to continuously evolve and improve our products, has led us to introduce the SaaS version of our payment platform and make it available via a hybrid cloud model

Key features of the newly released SaaS version

Hybrid cloud delivery model

  • the backend app in API is hosted on the public cloud and managed by the team
  • the customers’ databases are hosted on their servers and maintained by their internal teams.

Easier compliance with the data management regulations

The hybrid cloud model addresses the regulations related to sensitive data location.
For example, in certain countries, like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the use of the cloud is allowed as long as the cloud solution is hosted within the country’s borders.

Easy switch to the source code version

Our goal is to empower our customers with a powerful and affordable fintech software foundation to build any payment product on top. Designed for easy scaling, the platform will grow along with your business, and when you’re ready for total vendor independence, simply obtain a source code license.

Streamlined integrations, limitless customization

Your team gets a reliable ledger layer wrapped in 400+ APIs and can start adding any necessary functionality, integrating with the needed service providers and designing front-ends for end customers right after your instance goes live.

The scheme below demonstrates the key division of responsibilities between the team and our customers’ tech teams in terms of using the platform. platform use cases 

In other words, what can you build using The list of its possible uses includes the following:

This list is far from exhaustive and only gives an idea of the versatility of our product. Its power lies in flexibility, API-first architecture and cutting-edge technological stack used. This solution, built by a team of fintech professionals with over 15 years of fintech software development experience can save around 1 year of product development, helping to seriously accelerate the release.

Contact us to discuss your product idea and step up towards making your financial product idea come to life!

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SaaS Version of Payment Platform is Available
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