Blog at ExecFinTech’2016 at ExecFinTech

On March 8, CTO Pavlo Sidelov and CEO  Alex Malyshev were attending at one of the biggest European FinTech events of the year #ExecFinTech. The conference was held in Frankfurt, Germany. CTO Pavlo Sidelov and CEO Alex Malyshev

CEO Alex Malyshev was presenting our Back-end-as-a-Service platform at #ExecFinTech startup competition. We’ve previously announced this event in our blog.


The conference’s program featured more than 40 high-class speakers; shared insights in high-quality talks and panel discussions. Throughout the day #ExecFinTech offered a vast variety of open networking as well as individual matchmaking opportunities.

Head of #execfintech Ramin Nikbin was opening the event. He asked all visitors to make some noise in social media about the conference. We supported this initiative in official Twitter account.

Ramin Nikbin

Interesting and actual topics were covered there: Crypto Tech, Insurance Tech, Lending, Payments, Security & Regulation, Robo Invest and others.

Pitch Startup Competition

More than 30 other startups were presenting their sloutions in Frankfurt. Each startup got 3min to pitch, followed by 2min Q&A of the jury.

Startup pitches competition

It was a great honor for us to be one of them.

CEO Alex Malyshev was pitcing about FinTech back-end problem which our platform solves. 70% of every FinTech product is a boring back-end stuff and only 30% is a shining front-end that everybody loves. Thousands of companies have broken down on this iceberg. Back-end is the invisible part, but the most crucial one that deals with functionality, security and scalability.

Unlike front-end, that should be unique, back-end could be unified for thousands of products. That’s the key point why we’ve invented a unified back-end that covers all you need in a transaction-related business. We provide 50 APIs in the Back-end-as-a-Service business model.

Our congratulations to the winners of the competition:

It was a great pleasure to meet personally with Manuel Koelman. He is the chairman at #ExecFinTech and The Pirate Summit. Manuel is also startups mentor at Seedcamp.

Manuel Koelman

At the end of the conference we had the opportunity to thank personally the organizers fot this amazing event full of great speakers and participants.

Alex and Ramin

We really liked this event. Everything was organized at the highest level. We met lots of interesting people, potential partners, investors and customers.


Looking forward to next event which we attend this spring. You can meet at Money 20/20 Europe in Copenhagen, April 4-7, 2016.