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back to blog Invites to AIFC Fintechstars Innovation Day! invites you to join the AIFC Fintechstars Innovation Day, a free, online event on fintech, innovation, and entrepreneurship within the Astana Finance Days.

With the aim of bringing the vibrant finance and tech community together, AIFC Fintechstars Innovation Day provides a platform for the best 15 startups to pitch their projects and connect with corporations in Central Asia.

Applications are open worldwide until June 23 at Guest registration is open too – join to support the regional fintech community!

Why participate?

  • If you are MVP/prototype stage startup: you will be able to negotiate the launch of the pilot, get the first sales in the region, brainstorm the strategy to develop in the new market
  • If you are growth-stage startup: launch in Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries, develop new sales channels, attract financing
  • If you are interested in fintech – join as a guest and learn about the latest initiatives in the industry

Register at: 

Written by Alex Malyshev on Jun, 10, 2020

#FinTech news