Blog is fostering Fintech development in CEE via launching a first regular Fintech meetup in partnership with SCT

22 December, 2016 | Kyiv | Prague

We are glad to report on the launch of Fintech SCT – the first regular meetup for Fintech entrepreneurs, developers, financial sector representatives and investors seeking to build the next generation finance. The inaugural event took place in the beautiful city of Kiev and spurred a lot of interest from the local Fintech community.

Pavlo Sidelov, CTO and co-founder of was hosting the event in partnership with SCT. Since 2008 SCT has been actively supporting the development of startup ecosystem in major European cities as well as USA. Roman Podenezhnyi, CEO of the project said: “Early-stage startups can gain valuable insight and secure vital connections through participation in our meetups. Apart from that it serves as a platform for angel investors and VCs hunting for hot ideas”. Only for the last year the initiative hosted 45 events gathering 2000 attendees, with 36 founders presenting their projects.

“We are extremely delighted to partner with, which can share its expertise and valuable knowledge with those who are just starting their journey. Looking back I realize what a great job has been done by “once a regular participant” of one of our meetups.  We hope to pave the way for the sustainable Fintech development in CEE region which is definitely an undepleted source of talented and hardworking people. We are planning to host similar Fintech meetups in Prague as well” added Roman.

Pavlo Sidelov was reporting on PSD2 and moderating the panel discussion. 3 projects were shortlisted to showcase their solutions:

  • – p2p lending platfrom;

Pavlo said: “Our goal is to enable Fintech development in CEE region, where there’s definately a huge potential in place. Speaking of Ukraine in particular it is a huge source of IT knowledge which can be utilized for the benefit of global Startup & Fintech ecosystems. As we can see there is already a number of young and ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to turn brilliant ideas into future Fintech unicorns. would be glad to share or rather take away all the “pains” associated with backend development and let entrepreneurs  focus solely on customers”.

Join the next Fintech SCT in February 2017 and immerse yourself into vibrant Fintech environment with Fintech enthusiasts and industry experts.  

About solution combines a multi-product Fintech platform and a flagship marketplace for Fintech APIs. The Fintech platform enables financial institutions, banks, and major merchants to decrease CAPEX 90% and launch financial products five to 10 times faster comparing to the current industry standards. The first-of-its-kind marketplace of Fintech APIs brings together top-notch technology providers and existing best-in-class development tools to create unique Fintech products.

About SCT: Startup Crash Test is a global initiative aimed at fostering the development of startup ecosystem and entrepreneurship. Today, the Startup Crash Test project is a free international franchise with 9 partner cities. The event unites tech entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors to learn, discuss, discover and collaborate.