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Alex Malyshev Participated in the Ripple CBDC Innovate Challenge

The team recently participated in the Ripple CBDC Innovate Challenge, an event that brought together visionaries and innovators like ExtoPay, WhisperCash and STB to explore the potential of Ripple’s CBDC protocol and the XRP ledger, a decentralized public blockchain. Our mission was to harness the power of these technologies and develop solutions that improve efficiency, security, and transparency in financial systems. 

At, we believe in the transformative capabilities of CBDC technology to revolutionize money management. Our team hadto leverage Ripple’s CBDC protocol and XRP ledger to drive improvements in cross-border payments, reduce fraud, and increase transparency in the financial sector. The Ripple CBDC Hackathon provided the perfect opportunity to showcase our ideas and contribute to this cutting-edge technology.

How did cope with the challenge?

The team has provided pre-built components, including a backend wrapper with APIs specifically configured to facilitate currency exchange, account balance tracking, and XRP settlement. With fractional functionality allowing the XRP ledger to be set up as 1,000,000 drops, we wanted to improve scalability and adaptability to various CBDC project requirements.

Development journey 

  1. First, we defined the requirements for the solution, considered the needs of central banks and financial institutions, and addressed the technical blockchain limitations.
  2. Then we designed the solution, created an architecture, and defined detailed technical specifications.
  3. Finally, we conducted extensive testing and gathered feedback from central banks and financial institutions to ensure compliance with the Hackathon rules.

Our development team used various technologies, including Java Spring, Linux, MongoDB, Postgresql, Typescript, and Vue.js.

Key findings

Based on this experience, we have determined that Ripple’s CBDC protocol and XRP ledger provide a solid foundation for advanced financial, payment, and currency ecosystems that benefit central banks, financial institutions, merchants, and individuals.

What’s next?

We plan to expand integrations with the leading service providers and continue to develop new product features and components based on XRP Ledger for WEB3 and PSD3.

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About CBDC Innovate challenge by Ripple

The Ripple CBDC Innovate Challenge is a remarkable event. It attracted 1218 participants from around the world, all competing for $200,000 in prize money. Companies were tasked with developing or improving creative CBDC-based solutions using Ripple technology.

Ripple’s CBDC platform provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for central banks, governments, and financial institutions to issue their own central bank digital currency. 

Pre-developed FinTech Platform

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This platform leverages the XRP Ledger’s robust blockchain technology to seamlessly monitor and customize the entire lifecycle of fiat-backed CBDCs. Check our acticle about general ledger in banking to  explore its posibilites for financial business.

The event’s criteria included technological implementation, potential impact, quality of idea, originality, practicality, and real-world applicability. is honored to have participated in this exciting competition alongside other innovators. Participated in the Ripple CBDC Innovate Challenge
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