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Alex Malyshev Partners With Marqeta For Seamless Card Issuing

VILNIUS, Lithuania  – December 5, 2023 —, a FinTech solutions provider, proudly announces its integration with Marqeta, a leading card issuing and payment processing platform. 

Thanks to its open APIs and modern architecture, Marqeta provides instant access to a highly scalable, cloud-based payment infrastructure, enabling its customers to issue cards, set up and manage their card programs, and authorize and process transactions.

This collaboration empowers’s customers to effortlessly issue payment cards and process card payments, marking a significant milestone in enhancing the functionality of the software. 

How does integration with Marqeta benefit customers?

Instant card issuing

The customers have the flexibility to issue virtual or physical cards within the system. The process is fully customizable and empowers end-users to select their preferred card type and design. 

Card management

The card management feature allows end-users to order, activate, top up, block cards, and much more. It also enables managing card processing, inventory, and shipping in bulk. 

In addition, end-users can change the status of their cards through actions like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) used for activating, deactivating, PIN setting, balance inquiries, and reporting lost or stolen cards.

Digital wallet functionality

The end-users can link their existing cards to an internal wallet within the system. This enables them to load or withdraw money from their digital wallet and conduct both online and offline card transactions.

Spend control 

Dynamic spend control provides card program operators with unparalleled control over how, when, and where their payment cards are used. 

It also enables users to set limits on the amount and frequency of transactions within a specific period and restrict spending to certain merchant categories, which means more control over their finances. 

Just-in-time funding

This feature provides greater flexibility in funding choices for the end-users of the solutions created by the customers using its solution. It helps cater to their diverse financial requirements, making the whole experience much more user-friendly.

Note: The complete scope of functionality depends on the individual agreement between the customer and Marqeta. CEO Alex Malyshev said, “We view the integration with Marqeta as a major step toward enabling our customers to create unparalleled financial products. Thanks to this partnership, they will be able to access Marqeta’s rich capabilities, without having to build their own integration from scratch.” 

“The card issuing and payment processing solutions provided by Marqeta will play a pivotal role in empowering users of the FinTech platform with a range of card-related functionalities,” said Nick Holt – Senior Director Solutions Engineering and Onboarding at Marqeta. “In addition to enabling FinTech and PayTech businesses to streamline card issuing and processing, users will have the ability to customise cards, link them to an internal wallet, and access various types of card funding, including Just-in-Time funding support. These features will contribute to expanding their value proposition through fast and efficient card issuance.”

The card issuing process demo video shows how this functionality can be used by an end-user. 

Explore the card issuing capabilities of the Marqeta integration via the Platform here.

About Marqeta (NASDAQ: MQ)
Marqeta’s embedded finance and modern card issuing platform empowers its customers to create customized and innovative payment cards and embedded finance offerings. Marqeta’s platform, powered by open APIs, gives its customers the ability to build more configurable and flexible payment experiences, accelerating product development and democratizing access to card issuing technology. Its modern architecture provides instant access to highly scalable, cloud-based payment infrastructure that enables customers to launch and manage their own card programs, issue cards and authorize and settle transactions. Marqeta is headquartered in Oakland, California and is certified to operate in more than 40 countries globally. For more information, visit, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About is a FinTech software provider that offers a pre-developed FinTech backend for developing and scaling PayTech products like neobanks, digital wallets, money transfer systems, currency exchange solutions, etc. along with dedicated fintech development services. Learn more at and follow on Twitter and LinkedIn. Partners With Marqeta For Seamless Card Issuing
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