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Where there is unity there is always victory. Publilius Syrus

The relationship between traditional financial institutions and FinTech firms is rapidly evolving. The latest figures suggest that both see partnership as the main strategy of coexistence. According to the World FinTech Report 2017, 60% of incumbents are seeking partnerships with FinTech firms. A study from Roland Berger suggests that 86% of FinTech firms are aiming to cooperate with traditional financial institutions. And what about the customers? 50.2% of banking customers globally are using the products or services of at least one non-traditional firm according to World FinTech Report 2017.

We would like to elaborate on this subject by launching a series of interviews with Top Banking Executives, CEOs of FinTech firms and, of course, FinTech Influencers. It is different in the way that you will not just answer the “highly popular question” but will be able to back your opinion with your own business story.

We want you, FinTech entrepreneurs, who are leading the industry transformation to speak about your achievements and challenges. We want you, Top Banking Executives, to tell us about the way you are embracing innovation strategies. We highly welcome you, The Leading FinTech Voices, to share your expert opinion on the issue!

Join our initiative and make the contribution to the FinTech ecosystem development! To apply for an interview, please, contact Nadia Nolan:

Uniting banks, FinTech firms and FinTech influencers on a common ground!

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Written by Alex Malyshev on Dec, 06, 2016 news #FinTech talks