Get in touch is announcing a system architecture upgrade is announcing a system architecture upgrade
Alex Malyshev is announcing a system architecture upgrade – a trusted core banking technology fintech provider, is announcing a system architecture upgrade that will enhance system productivity and enables a faster and frictionless solution execution process for its clients.

The company’s system upgrade program has started with the implementation of AngularJS 2.0 framework and Oracle JET components. Details on the next steps of the program are to be unveiled by the end of the year.

The implementation of AngularJS 2.0 framework will strengthen the company’s position as a mobile-first finTech solution provider. According to a team of developers who worked on AngularJS 2.0 , its key advantages include:

  • cross-platform orientation;
  • improved speed of development, performance, and security.

Another step in the transformation program has been the implementation of Oracle JET’s UI-enterprise components. Oracle JET supplies a rich set of UI components, leverages open-source technology, and provides unique features for web and mobile app development.

CTO of Pavlo Sidelov said: “Component-based AngularJS 2.0 framework makes it possible to split front-end and back-end operations, resulting in increased consistency and improved performance of the entire system. Moreover, the framework is quickly gaining popularity in the developers’ community, which can tangibly facilitate any support issues. The implementation of UI-enterprise components from Oracle JET has brought another major change in terms of operability. It enables both and ISV (independent software vendors) to build cutting-edge user interfaces for web and mobile applications in a fast and seamless way, and is instrumental in cementing as an enterprise-oriented company”.

CEO of Alex Malyshev said: “The implemented system architecture enables to fully leverage the mobile-first concept which prevails in Asia Pacific and is emerging in the U.S. and the U.K. Asia is currently one of our top priority markets in terms of geographical expansion and we hope to benefit billions of customers via partnerships with local finTech companies.

About Angular 2: AngularJS 2.0 is a full-platform successor to Angular 1.0. The component-based framework boasts of an improved speed and performance, and is cross-platform oriented.

About Oracle JET: Oracle JET provides a complete solution for organizations looking to standardize their JavaScript-based development on a reliable toolkit. Building on the ease of use and popularity of existing open-source solutions and extending those with advanced functionality delivered in modular libraries, Oracle JET provides an ideal toolkit for developers striving to build engaging and dynamic web and mobile user interfaces.

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