Get in touch Was Presenting Demo at Bank Innovation Israel 2015 Was Presenting Demo at Bank Innovation Israel 2015
Alex Malyshev Was Presenting Demo at Bank Innovation Israel 2015

On November 10, was presenting demo at Bank Innovation Israel 2015 DEMOvation challenge.

Bank Innovation is a great event for all FinTech startups. The event was full of ground-breaking insights and ideas for tech innovators. The main goal of Bank Innovation Israel was bringing together global leaders to discuss the future of FinTech, with a focus on local entrepreneurism.

Speakers at the conference included Vikram Pandit, former CEO, Citigroup; Tom Glocer, former CEO, Reuters; and Ruth Polachek, Head of Citi Accelerator & External Innovation, Innovation Lab, Citi Israel.

Interesting and actual topics were covered there. Bank-Startup collaboration, the challenges with investing in fintech, cybersecurity, big data, fraud and flexibility were the hottest topics.

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During DEMOvation, there were demos of new technologies, as well as startups that won slots in Bank Innovation DEMOvation Challenge, as determined by a team of judges, followed by discussions of the demos and a brainstorm session to cultivate a more dynamic future for banking innovation. was one of these new startups. We were presenting our demo in front of more than 350 attendees of Bank Innovation Israel at the Dan Tel Aviv on Nov 10.

The jury consisted of:

  • Dorel Blitz, Innovation Manager, Bank Leumi
  • Duena Blomstrom, Knower, Duena Blomstrom Consulting
  • Jeremy Bornstein, Head of Payments Innovation, RBC Royal Bank
  • Phil Ryan, Senior Editor, Bank Innovation
  • Matthew Wilcox, SVP Marketing Strategy & Innovation, Fiserv demo was one of the most long-expected presentations. Duena Blomstrom wrote in her Twitter account:

Freda Gray, connector at, was also waiting for pitch: is very grateful to the conference audience for their support during our presentation. We hope that in spite of some technical issues we have managed to bring the main idea of our product. Was Presenting Demo at Bank Innovation Israel 2015

Next Duena’s tweet gives us confidence that we’ve done everything right:

JJ Hornblass, President & CEO, Royal Media, has described idea in such words:

Leumi Tech, Israel FinTech banking company, have also commented our demo:

It was a great event for all FinTech community. is grateful to the organizers of the Bank Innovation Israel for the opportunity to be part of it. We are proud that we had an opportunity to present as a back-end software to build core banking software products in the shortest terms.

About us has a proven track record of providing financial services companies with the digital banking functionality that they need, using its secure, robust, and configurable API platform as a one-stop-shop solution. 

Contact us to learn more about our banking solutions. We are open to talk about how can be useful for your business. Was Presenting Demo at Bank Innovation Israel 2015
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