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Servers & Databases

How will servers and databases be organized in case of subscription?

There will be needed at least 3 servers:
Cloud hosting for application

1) Server for your databases. You will choose, where to place this server. It can be in your country or not, depending on your legal issues. We recommend to use AWS, as our numerous testings has shown its most efficiency and security, but it depends on your final choice.

2) Server for Back-end. For those, who lease our product, we deploy it on Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure, because it is the biggest provider with the widest range of services, who guarantee safety and security. We had been testing numerous variants of server’s placement and finally chose AWS.

3) Server for Front-end. You’ll need to pick a placement of a mobile app code. You can choose it also on your Amazon Web Services that will be the most efficient choice, because we’ll need to update it sometimes, and it will be easier to complete it on our Amazon Web Services. Also it’s a better guarantee of safety, security, decreases risks of configuration errors, which can cause server problems.

Servers’ interaction and data exchange will be done with security channels (VPN, SSH, HTTPS etc.).

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Written by Alex Malyshev on Jan, 12, 2018

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