Build your financial product on ready-to-use platform

Full fledged

360 items
of functionality


3+ billion transactions per month


Pre-fab modules


100 pre-integrated solutions


payment system

payment processing


p2p money transfer

card to card payments

currency exchange

gift and prepaid cards

loyalty program

solution for e-commerce

The fastest way for FinTech development

Swift back-end implementation

Product development from scratch offers ready-to-go payment solutions. Provide us with your UI/UX design and the list of third-party providers you want to integrate and get your transaction system in one month.

High quality solution

High quality testing procedures

Automated testing code coverage of solution is 60%. All operations are stable and executed

No backdoors no data mining

Your sensitive data is always yours. There are no data mining processes

Cutting edge technology

A “pre-fab” module-based software that can serve as a core of virtually any FinTech product


We use only secure and reliable technologies developing

Reduce high capital expense in 10 times


Capital expence

Based on the research, in-house development and support of the FinTech solution costs at least $600,000 per year. You will be amazed with the tremendous capital expense savings you get with flexible pricing


Capital expence


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