Technical support offers high-quality technical support for the developed solutions. All FinTech solutions should be kept up-to-date to meet the requirements of modern market. Even a successful company can suffer huge losses if it is not in line with the new and emerging technology trends. Technologies are updating, new versions are being launched constantly. Therefore any software built using these technologies should be regularly updated.

Key components of the technical support provided by

Software updating:

  • application;
  • Servers infrastructure;
  • Scripts and macros.
  • Bugs fixing;
  • Improvement of developed functionality;
  • Security alerts and critical patch updates.
Technical support is provided for issues (including problems you accidently create) that are demonstrable in the currently supported release(s) of an licensed software.
Assistance is provided according to a contract for technical support provision. Contact us to get acquainted with it.

Multi-tiered technical support

Technical support is subdivided into tiers, or levels, in order to better serve a customer. provides customer services at three different levels:
  • Level 1 (L1) – bugs fixing of critical business processes and API’s functionality. The critical business processes are registration, login and transaction processing. The rest of the business processes implemented in the software are not critical. Critical business processes have prioritisation in support.
  • Level 2 (L2) – reducing the system architecture performance. It includes instant reaction to dramatic falls in system performance and their resumption in a timely manner.
  • Level 3 (L3) – IT security management payments. It includes DDos resistance, penetration attacks detection, instant reaction to security alerts, regular security test, firewalls and other security software updating.

Request prioritisation

Our technical support manager determines the priority of requests according to the support level structure.
Priority is determined on the basis of a business process request:
Priority Request type
Irregularities in the software, which lead to breaks of the overall system.
High Irregularities in the software, which lead to breaks of critical business processes.
Middle Irregularities in the software, which lead to breaks of non-critical business processes.
Low Management of system roles.

Support team working hours

Technical support is provided by e-mail, phone and Skype on weekdays (Monday-Friday) 09:00-18:00 according to Central European time (CET, UTC+1).
If you need prioritised technical support outside of the specified time frames, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to develop a unique technical support offer for you.

Customer responsibility

The customer agrees to:

  • Provide us with remote access to business applications and database solutions for issues on system architecture and source code;
  • Provide team with a copy of the operating software with test data for our technical specialists to model and solve user problems;
  • Assign a person responsible for the service issues described in this offer and inform us about it;
  • Ensure’s monopoly in controlling the application’s source code (no modifications in the system on its own) in order to transfer the responsibility for the system operation on the executor.

The customer has the right to:

  • Require from information about the request handling status;
  • To inform us about lacks or abuses of the software;
  • Sign with additional agreements to amend the scopes of work and services for the customer carried out by us;
  • Require the development standards coordination, including documenting the code standard.
Contact us to get more information about the technical support service.