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The choice of technology defines the stability, scalability, and reliability of any product. That is why we use the most reliable and innovative technologies to improve the platform continuously. 

Programming language

We chose Java Enterprise Edition 7 and Java Standard Edition 8 for their highly stable performance and powerful functionality for our software. Java has a proven track record of fulfilling all software requirements for enterprise-level software as a programming language and a technology stack. Java requires developers to formalize the processes and data with which the system operates. As a result, this strongly typed language ensures stability and minimizes the chance of errors.                                            

Code repository

A lot of specialists from different departments work with project source code. Our source code’s storage and management functionality is built on GIT technology, using the GitLab platform, which provides effective management and monitoring of all changes made by each developer.

Testing and quality assurance

Source code for any product must meet the highest quality, stability, and security standards. We automatically check operability and test functions when a project is ready to be deployed. Each new addition to source code goes through autotests and is manually reviewed by a lead developer.

Source code quality

Our developers use cutting-edge source code development tools supported by best-in-class solutions to create a robust, efficient, and secure code. For passive code analysis, we use Spotbugs, PMD, and CheckStyle. For active code analysis, we use SonarQube, which is highly recommended by the OWASP community.


The traditional approach to IT project management evolves along with interaction methodologies between system administrators and developers. We have implemented the best DevOps methodologies to provide continuous integration and continuous delivery for We build and deploy projects with GitLab CI/CD, a highly functional and customizable service. Gathered system components are versioned and delivered to one or multiple Application Servers.

Application server

We use WildFly, a powerful, modular, & lightweight application server. The application server meets all requirements for application monitoring, configuration, and scaling.

Application Monitoring

Complex systems are distributed on different infrastructure components to ensure continuous and stable operation. Monitoring hardware condition is the first step to understanding how healthy the system is. We rely on NewRelic and Zabbix to monitor our systems.