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Use case: Cashback

As a User, I want loyalty rewards in the form of cashback to my account for each purchase from a certain merchant network.  

As a Merchant, I want to stimulate sales providing cash back to my buyers.

Actor: Merchant, Individual
Actions of ActorActions of the System
1. Log in to the back-office
2. Merchant creates cashback profiles, setting the percentage of the cashback that buyer will receive from each purchase
  • saves the cashback profile of the Merchant
3. Individual orders goods with the cashback profile
4. Individual chooses payment method
  • System calculates invoice amount
  • System calculates cashback amount
  • Invoice is issued for the whole amount of purchase
5. Individual confirms the payment
  • Depending on the chosen method, SDK.finance uses relevant API to perform transaction
  • Funds are transferred to Merchant’s account
  • the cashback amount is blocked on the Merchant’s account
  • Transaction is reflected in the transaction history of the merchant and Individual.
  • After a set period of time (month), the accumulated cashback amount is transferred to the Individual’s account