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Use-case: Currency Exchange

As a User, I want to be able to exchange currency between my wallets in different currencies.

As a User, I want to exchange currencies for other users at the set rate.

Actor: Individual, Merchant
Actions of ActorActions of the System
1. Log in to the back-office
2. Create request for money exchange:

  • choose the currency to sell
  • choose the currency to buy
  • enter amount
  • enter the rate
  • Check the limits and blocks
  • Reflect the commission
3. Confirm request for money exchange
  • Request for money exchange is visible to other users
4. User 2 accepts request for money exchange
  • Check the blocks/limits
  • Check balances on accounts
5. Parties choose payment methods (e.g. bank transfer) and confirm transaction.
  • Check the limits and blocks
  • SDK.finance uses Bank API to perform direct transaction
  • Funds are transferred between bank accounts of users in different currencies
  • Transaction is reflected in the Transactions history.