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Use-case: Invoicing

As a user, I want to be able to pay for Merchant’s goods and services Using my account in the system (through the payment app).

As a Merchant, I want to accept payments from users in my POS to my account in the system (through the payment app).

Invoicing: Issue invoice
Actor: Actions of Actor
1. Log in to the back-office
  • Reflect the invoice form
2. Click Create Invoice
  • Check the recipient ID
  • Check the available wallet in chosen currency
  • Calculate the invoice amount
  • Calculate commission
  • Check the limits and blocks
3. Fill in the invoice form:

  • enter recipient ID
  • choose the currency
  • enter amount of goods
  • enter price of goods
  • enter expiry date of the invoice
  • Invoice is sent for payment to the recipient
  • Invoice is reflected in the list of Invoices with its status: Pending
  • Send notification to recipient
3. Confirm issue of invoice


Invoicing: Pay the invoice
Actor: Individual, Merchant
Actions of ActorActions of the System
1. Log in to the back-office
2. Click Invoices
  • Reflect the list of invoices and their status
3. Click “Pay Invoice”
  • Provide available payment methods
4. Choose the payment method
  • Calculate commission
  • Depending on the chosen payment method, SDK.finance uses the external API of third parties to perform the transactions (unless the payment from wallet was chosen)
5. Confirm payment of the invoice
  • Funds are transferred to Merchant’s account
  • Transaction is reflected in the transaction history
  • Status of the invoice changed to “Paid”