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Use case: Loyalty Points, Bonuses

As a Merchant, I want to be able to transfer loyalty points to my buyers for each purchase of set goods and to allow them to use these bonus points in my stores (POS).

As an Individual, I want to be able to spend earned loyalty points.  

Actor: Merchant, Individual
Actions of ActorActions of the System
1. Create loyalty rules for certain types of goods/services
  • Provide the loyalty rule constructor (group of users, group of goods, type of loyalty rule, period of loyalty rule,  etc.)
2. Send notification about promotion
  • Notifications are sent to Individuals (merchant’s clients)
3. Individual visits merchant’s store and orders the promoted goods
  • Provides the available payment methods
4. Individual chooses the payment method and makes a purchase.
  • System uses relevant API depending on the chosen payment method. (or payment can be done from the Individuals’ e-wallet)
  • Funds are transferred to the Merchant’s account
  • System calculates the amount of bonus and transfers the earned bonus amount to the special bonus account of the Individual
5. Individual can make purchases from his bonus account in Merchant’s stores.
  • Funds are withdrawn from the Individual’s bonus account