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Use case: Gift cards, Prepaid cards

As an Individual, I want to be able to order a prepaid card to use at an ATM and POS.

As an Individual, I want to be able to order a gift or prepaid card to send to my friend as a gift.

Depending on the type of the card (prepaid or gift card), Issuer of the card can be a bank, a processing company, or a merchant (for gift cards). Gift prepaid cards can be used only as a payment method at the Merchant’s POS and can’t be used in ATMs or other POS devices as a usual payment card.

Actor: Merchant, Individual
Actions of ActorActions of the System
1. Individual orders orders the gift card/prepaid card
2. Individual enters amount of card balance and chooses the payment method
  • Reflect the available payment methods
  • Check limits/blocks
  • Calculate commission
3. Confirm order of the prepaid/gift card
  • SDK.finance uses the relevant API depending on the chosen payment method
  • SDK.finance uses the API from card Issuer (for payment cards) to transfer data of card order
  • Funds are transferred from the chosen payment method to the Issuer
  • System reflects the notification about the card details and its delivery if it’s a plastic card)
4. Individual receives the card details/or a plastic card from Issuer
  • Card details can be kept in User’s profile
5. Individual can send the card to another user as a gift or can use it as a payment method.