Virtual money

Digital money is a  type of account that is issued and controlled by its developers (you) and used and accepted among the members of a specific virtual community (game, social network, etc.). Virtual money allows you to add additional value to your existing product.

You are able to create a virtual currency according to one of these business models:

  • Internal virtual currencies these currencies have no connection to the real economy, like currencies in “online-games-only”.  This allows you to to add to your current product (social network, game, etc) a user’s balance concept.
  • Virtual currencies with currency flow into one direction -this type of currency has been known in the form of coupons. They are widely used in the internet commerce, online services, development of online communities and games. Virtual or game currency can be bought but not exchanged back into real money. Some examples are Amazon coin, Facebook Credits, etc.
  • Convertible virtual currencies – a virtual currency that can be bought and sold back for legal tender. Usually, it is a decentralised currency, for example bitcoin.

Administrative options:

  • Manage the issuing of virtual money: automatic issuing with no system engagement on the customer’s request or planned issuing done by the issuer (you);
  • Issue several currencies within one project with different cross rates;
  • Set the exchange rates on your own in the admin panel;
  • Correlate the value of your virtual currency to the conventional value: dollar, euro and other currencies exchange rates;
  • Correlate the value of your virtual currency to other values: bitcoin, oil, gold, shares of certain companies’ prices, etc.

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