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Voice payment technology
in banking

Provide your clients with a next-generation customer experience

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Voice banking is no longer the future — it is here now

150 vs. 36

People speak 150 words per minute but type only 36 on a smartphone. Up to 75% have used voice assistants before


Minutes per day spent workers on their way to and from work. 51% of users speak to the voice assistant in the car.


of the world’s population suffers from blindness and vision impairment (2.2 billion people worldwide)

Voice payments benefits

Provide your clients with a next-generation customer experience

Expand the use of your banking products

Let people with visual impairments use your banking

Add wow-features to increase the customer lifetime value

Improve KYC, get more context from your clients

Minimize fraud risks using voice biometric authentication

Build your Voice Banking solution with

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Voice banking Features

Real-time biometric voice authentication with liveness detection

Voice management for all everyday banking operations

Send money Currency Exchange and more...

Compatible with Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana

Provide your clients with the technology of the future. Pay by voice

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