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White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution ewallet app software is built to help you cut down on the time and costs of your mobile wallet app development. Get everything needed for your app’s quick launch, effective scaling, and customers’ immense delight.

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One mobile wallet platform, multiple use cases

Catch the tide of the soaring popularity of digital wallet apps, open up new revenue streams and power up your business.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Mobile banking wallet

Engage and retain your bank customers plus obtain additional revenue by delivering a mobile wallet application experience to your customers wherever they are.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Stored value wallet

Let your customers operate their assets and make transactions within your ecosystem by using a closed-loop ewallet. Help them spend more with you and watch your revenue grow.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Telco wallet

Increase financial inclusion for the unbanked and level up the experience for your banked audience by providing mobile financial services with white-label virtual wallet software.

Delight your customers with an irresistible mobile ewallet application mwallet app software empowers you to build an advanced application to cater for your customers’ financial needs, thanks to its unparalleled flexibility and cutting edge technology stack.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Multi-currency system

Your ewallet mobile app customers will benefit from multi-currency/multi-asset accounts. No limits for the currencies you can create - from fiat currencies to diamonds or grain or any other assets - and more convenience for end-users.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Convenient bank payments

Through integration with a banking network, offer bank payments like IBAN and SWIFT to meet your users’ financial and payment needs. Accommodate various customer segments and boost your turnover.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Fast money transfers

From internal P2P transfers to crossborder remittance - offer your customers a hassle-free way to send and receive money instantly. Integrate with payment- and service providers to extend your transfer services range.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Easy bill payments

Let your users save time by paying their bills - from utility bills to mobile top-up and broadband payments through your mobile wallet app. Add support for any vendor you find necessary through API integration.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Expense tracking

Improve your customers’ finances by helping them control their spendings. Visualized via charts and graphs or presented on the map, they offer better finance management opportunities for users.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Currency exchange

Allow customers to seamlessly exchange one currency for another within their digital wallets in seconds while performing transactions, as well as purchase and sell currency.

Future-proof your mobile ewallet app building it on the next-gen platform

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Faster release

Use mobile wallet platform as a backbone for your ewallet app to enjoy seamless operation and go to market faster. No need to develop your product from scratch—which reduces development time and costs.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Innovative transactional core inside

Our mobile wallet software contains a sophisticated ledger layer and is built on cutting-edge tech stack, making your app ultimately future-ready.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Powerful and resilient

Our mobile wallet solution can process thousands of transactions per second and withstand high loads without a hiccup - for frictionless user experience and greater turnover.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Highly scalable

Start off ready for mindblowing growth - serve more users, extend your business to new locations, offer new services - and never have to worry about your transaction processing engine that’s got you covered.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Easy integrations

Integrate your digital wallet app software with the existing core banking system or use it to launch a standalone product. Connecting with third-party services is enabled through a universal API.

White Label Digital Mobile Wallet Solution

Cloud-based deployment

Hosted and deployed in the cloud, platform provides a hassle-free way of running a cloud based ewallet backend application at a low cost and without the maintenance headache. mobile wallet app software platform functionality

Currencies management

  • Currency and issuer creation and status management
  • Currency exchange rates input – manual or automated (from external feed)

TRansaction fees and limits management

  • Setting comission types: flat fee, %-based, combined (flat fee & %-based)
  • +-% (for currency exchange)
  • Transfer commission payer: sender / recipient / shared
  • Comission ranges: different commissions for operations amounts within a specific range
  • Limits types:
    • by turnover during a specific period,
    • by the number of operations during a specific period
    • by transaction amount

Contracts (pricing plans) management

  • grouping fees and limits in a “contract”;
  • creation of a set of tariffs for customers to choose from

Roles and permissions management

  • user creation, role and status management
  • default roles
  • back-office user log history viewing

CRM & customer support

  • Customer profile information and status management
  • Default KYC-management
  • Customer accounts status management
  • Default log of customer activity in the system

Transaction history

  • View all customer’s transactions in all statuses

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