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Time & Material Basis, Project Estimation, Technical Specification

Jan, 12, 2018
Alex Malyshev


Source: Educba

How much will my project development cost?

We provide development service in the most comfortable way for our customers: on Time & Materials (T&M) basis using hourly rates. You’ll pay only for factual (delivered) work, which also depends on you side (accuracy of the provided information and time management) and keeps you away from long-term wages obligations for the dedicated team. Based on the T&M approach we can provide a simple preliminary estimation.
The total cost of the project development depends on 3 variables:

  1. Cost of Platform (Set up + License fee)
  2. Cost of servers
  3. Customization/Additional development.

How we will work together:

  • Daily access to Atlassian Jira & Confluence tools that enable you:
    • In this program you become an active team member: you can read, edit, comment, approve (disapprove) tasks for developers.
    • See the progress and results in, where will be recorded all the completed processes with factual time, which was used.
    • The system allows to see what task is in the process now, how much time it takes, who’s responsible for it, etc.
    • You can generate a report from Atlassian Jira Confluence at any time. CTO & Project Manager will be your contact persons.
  • Weekly calls for status reports: current delivery & performance discussion + next week planning issues.
  • Monthly reports from our team with summary of work that was done.

Can you develop my project without technical specification?

Set of technical specifications, schemes and wireframes that answer on a global question: “How we will do it” is the most significant document, which provides a foundation for the project. The accuracy of the entire project’s timing and budget depends on the documentation process. You can provide us a ready technical specification or develop it with together with us, being a part of the team. The team:

Client. You as a Client will be involved in a process. A System Architect and Project manager will interview you in order to understand the business specifications and goals to be achieved and will put all collected information on a paper.

Systems Architect / CTO. Systems architects define the architecture of a computerized system in order to define and fulfil certain requirements. Such definitions include: a breakdown of the system into components, the component interactions and interfaces (including with the environment, especially the user), and the technologies and resources to be used in the product.

Business Analyst engages in technical writing and produces technical documentation that helps clients understand and use a product. This documentation includes manuals, white papers, design specifications, project plans, business correspondence.

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