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Cloud-based custom marketplace payment solution

Our ledger-based payment platform provides a powerful foundation to build a custom payment solution for your marketplace on top, whether single-vendor or multi-vendor.

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Create a world-class marketplace tailored to your business needs

Facilitate payments

Connect your marketplace sellers to customers around the globe. Each merchant and customer has an internal wallet assigned to them, which helps streamline payments from buyers to sellers within the system.

Maximise earnings

Effectively monetize your online marketplace by configuring custom fees out of each transaction performed via your marketplace and imposing payments limits.

Offer escrow-like process

Create an intermediary role to collect payments from buyers and redistribute them to the sellers of your platform after the customer confirms they’re happy with the purchase. This will serve as another reason for both parties to select your platform and add an important factor of security to the deals.

Benefit from KYC-ready onboarding

Onboard vendors quickly and easily to expand your reach and attract more customers. Use the documents uploading functionality to receive all the identification documents for the KYC procedures and smoothly integrate a third-party KYC provider via our API.

Cloud SaaS payment solution to jumpstart your marketplace business

A perfect way to test your demand hypothesis and probe the market before plunging headlong into building a fully-fledged marketplace. Get an affordable yet powerful basis for your fintech venture without upfront investment.

Cloud-based custom marketplace payment solution

Cloud payment infrastructure

Leverage our cloud-based SaaS payment core application for a quick start. Deployed and hosted on one of the popular public cloud providers, with maintenance completely on the team

Cloud-based custom marketplace payment solution

Enhanced compliance

Your database is hosted on your company’s server or private cloud, which allows keeping the sensitive data in the location determined by the regulator, facilitating compliance.

Cloud-based custom marketplace payment solution

API-first architecture

400+ REST APIs and comprehensive documentation ease the process of integrating with any third party tools and services fast and cost-effectively.

Read the cases of how our solution is used by business helped regional payment heavy business to build the business process upon our digital ledger layer for retail banks.

Leading MENA PSP revamps its transaction accounting system

Explore how a leading payment service provider (NDA) from one of MENA countries transforms its core transaction accounting system by integrating on-premise ledger layer software with its existing POS software.

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Building a multi-channel payment management platform

Find out how we helped a regional player putting cash-in payment kiosks into one system at first and added functionality for e-commerce on top of the business flow later on.

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Pro payment SDK to build with confidence

Set your product up for success by using robust fintech platform developed by a team of seasoned experts with 15+ years of experience as the foundation.

  • A cloud-hosted backend application with API layer
  • Customizable customer front-office UI pack
  • Customizable team back-office UI package
  • Opportunity to purchase the source code license anytime
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Cloud-based custom marketplace payment solution

White-label system

Cloud-based custom marketplace payment solution

Cutting-edge technology stack

Cloud-based custom marketplace payment solution

Super scalable infrastructure

Cloud-based custom marketplace payment solution

Security by design

Cloud-based custom marketplace payment solution

Flexible CI/CD

Cloud-based custom marketplace payment solution


Looking for complete control and independence over your software?

Switch to the on-premise model anytime. Obtain source code license from us for total vendor-independence and freedom of modifications

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Cloud-based custom marketplace payment solution

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