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Explore the Platform’s back-office UI

Our back office is a centralized hub to manage everything from user onboarding and transactions to financial control and revenue generation in your digital banking, finance, and payment product. 

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Client management

Explore KYC verification, password reset, user activity tracking and secure chats via the dedicated Clients section.

Transactions and investigations 

Simplify transaction management and ensure financial compliance with one powerful Platform. The video showcases how this section empowers you with:

  • Deep insights into individual transactions
  • Streamlined chargeback and refund tracking
  • Enhanced AML investigation workflow

Financial control features

Empower your finance team with comprehensive payment control tools:

  • Management of currencies and digital assets
  • Configuring exchange rates
  • Cash desks management
  • Accounts reconciliation and more

Revenue and monetization 

Unlock revenue-generating features within the CRO section. This video explores tools for:

  • Configuring fees for internal services and vendors
  • Vendor onboarding and management
  • Contract management hub

Roles and permissions control

Onboard and manage team members effortlessly. This video demonstrates how to:

  • Efficiently manage user accounts and permissions
  • Enhance security with trusted domains
  • Ensure data protection through role-based access control

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