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Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Wallet as a service solution for aspiring businesses willing to tap into the finance market or extend their existing product offering with financial services. With SaaS ewallet software from, you launch faster, operate cheaper, innovate non-stop, and conveniently pay as you go.

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A game-changing cloud alternative to on-premise digital wallet platforms

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform


Deployed and operated on the cloud, maintained by, ready to be used by your team

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Compliant with regulations

The database is hosted on the company's own server. Regardless of location, forget about cloud compliance issues.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform


Implement a broad set of services for customers fast and cost-efficiently via 400+ API endpoints.

The right solution for standalone or embedded financial products

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Banking wallet

Impress your customers with a next-gen solution that fulfills their money transfer and payment needs on the go. Boost existing customers’ engagement and acquire new users by providing impeccable mobile services and top-notch user experience.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Telecom wallet

Add financial services to your offering and leverage your existing customer base to increase your bottom line. Extend financial inclusion for the unbanked and win new audience by letting them make payments right through your app

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Retail wallet

Offer your customers the option to store their assets and make transactions within your ecosystem by using a closed-loop ewallet. Help them spend more with you and watch your revenue grow.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Marketplace wallet

Provide the solution to connect sellers and buyers and enable assets exchange between them. Protect the funds by securing them within the system till the buyer confirms the purchase.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Merchant wallet

Implement a merchant wallet to accept payments from customers, revamp your transaction accounting system, speed up settlement process, get equipped for scale and boost customer experience.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

FinTech wallet

An affordable wallet as a service solution for an easy start of your digital payment product. No commitment or hefty investments, no infrastructure expenses or hiring a big dev team. Our cloud software for your bright future.

Meet your customers’ financial services needs

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Bank payments

Offer bank payments like IBAN and SWIFT (integration with vendors required). Accommodate various customer segments and boost your turnover.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Money transfers

Let customers send and receive money instantly and effortlessly, whether internal P2P transfers or crossborder remittance. Integrate with payment- and service providers to expand your transfer options range.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Bill payments

From utility bills to mobile top-ups and other payments - help users save time with payment templates. Support local vendors payments through API integration.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Expense tracking

Assist customers with tracking their spendings via visualized expenses charts and graphs or transactions presented as on the map.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Multi-currency system

Configure an unlimited number of currencies within the ewallet system - not limited to fiat currencies. Let users operate any assets - from reward points to diamonds.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Currency exchange

Provide seamless currency exchange between customer wallets within the system (according to the pre-configured exchange rate), plus the options of purchasing and selling currency.

Receive instant access to the core wallet as a service software components

  • A cloud-hosted backend app with an API layer
  • Customizable customer front-office UI package (web, responsive)
  • Customizable team back-office UI package (web, responsive)

Put your wallet product on the rails and operate it

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

… faster

We’ve done the heavy lifting to provide a transaction processing engine that empowers your team to refine, customize and launch your product in a few months rather than spend a few years on building it.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

… cheaper

Reduce your infrastructure, maintenance and development costs and increase your bottom line through the wallet as a service hybrid cloud delivery model that enables you to also improve your cost to income ratio via applying lower capital expenditures.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform


Use our robust cloud-based wallet platform to let your team focus on integrations and adding custom features on top.

Right software solution to evolve and grow your business

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Scale smoothly

Sustain user base expansion and extend your ecosystem without a hiccup as your solution gains traction, without having to worry about system overload.

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Own the source code if needed

Change your wallet as a service SaaS model anytime. Obtain a source code license from us, deploy your wallet on-premise and gain full access to the backend for ultimate independence and no more recurrent payments. Learn more

Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Accelerate innovation

Since all functions are exposed as API endpoints, available via RESTful APIs, adding new features, integrations and ensuring compliance are less time- and resource-consuming. wallet as a service Platform functionality

Currencies management

  • Work with any fiat currencies or other assets
  • Currency and issuer creation and status management
  • Currency exchange rates input – manual or automated (from external feed)
Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Commission fees and limits management

  • Setting comission types: flat fee, %-based, combined (flat fee & %-based)
  • +-% (for currency exchange)
  • Transfer commission payer: sender / recipient / shared
  • Comission ranges: different commissions for operations amounts within a specific range
  • Limits types:
    • by turnover during a specific period,
    • by the number of operations during a specific period
    • by transaction amount
Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Contracts (pricing plans) management

  • Grouping fees and limits in a “contract”
  • Creation of a set of tariffs for customers to choose from
Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Roles and permissions management

  • User creation, role and status management
  • Default roles
  • Back-office user log history viewing
Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

CRM & customer support

  • Customer profile information and status management
  • Default KYC-management
  • Customer accounts status management
  • Default log of customer activity in the system
Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Transaction history

  • View all customer’s transactions in all statuses
Cloud Wallet as a Service Software Platform

Choose your Development type will support you from the idea to its implementation in code and interface.

Dedicated development team

Turbocharge your cloud-wallet product with experts

Let our team of FinTech experts transform your payment product into reality through the use of our Platform.
  • Accelerated cloud-wallet release.
  • Pre-developed PayTech backend Platform.
  • Experienced team without hiring headaches
  • Saved in-house team’s resources
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Self-service development

Provide your team with the Platform to streamline and enhance your development process.

Empower your technical team with a pre-developed foundation for faster and more efficient product development on the Platform.
  • Ready cloud wallet foundation software to build on
  • No need to start from scratch
  • Efficient development for in-house tech team
  • SaaS and Source Code software mode available
More info wallet as a service software – case studies

Leading PSP (MENA): Faster payouts, real-time transaction accounting's wallet software has enabled customers to streamline their accounting processes, enhance user experiences, broaden their market reach, and tap into new growth opportunities within the fintech industry.


MPAY: An intuitive payment app on top of ewallet system

MPAY effectively transformed their cash-in payment kiosks network into a comprehensive payment application by seamlessly integrating with the cloud wallet software, utilizing it as a foundation.


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    How does the hybrid cloud wallet software by work?

    The hybrid cloud wallet as a service software involves running applications in different environments simultaneously. It is used to manage finance app portability to provide a flexible distributed computing environment for easy scaling.

    The backend app can be hosted on AWS or other cloud infrastructure while our team provides maintenance services. In the same vein, your team will host, manage and maintain the main databases according to cloud management regulations.


    What are the benefits of the hybrid cloud model in e-wallet software?

    The hybrid cloud model in e-wallet software provides the following benefits:

    1. You buy affordable hybrid cloud software and save money by reducing development and infrastructure costs.
    2. The hybrid cloud solution can store sensitive information on your private server—according to data handling and management regulations.
    3. The application becomes more scalable and flexible by efficiently modernizing your e-wallet and implementing new features.


    Can I buy your digital wallet source code?

    To buy the digital wallet source code you should take 3 steps:

    1. Technical audit of the product by your team
    2. Knowledge transfer period from our team to yours
    3. Signing the contract and code handoff.
    Can I request your wallet as a service software Demo?

    Yes, we provide an interactive sandbox demo environment on our product Demo page. It’s available there and then, no need to send a demo request and wait.
    If you need more details or have any questions, do reach out to us and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

    What integrations does cloud ewallet Platform support?

    With SaaS ewallet Platform you can easily integrate third-party tools at any stage of the customer onboarding or transaction process. Our API-first approach allows you to connect the right tools to your application, adding new features and functionalities.

    Are there any location-related restrictions for using your wallet as a service Platform?

    There are no location-related restrictions for using our ewallet software. Your team will have control over the main databases while the backend app can be hosted on AWS or other cloud infrastructure and be maintained by our team.

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