Getting started

Updated on 14 Sep 2023

What is is a FinTech vendor that offers a software Platform acting as the backbone for various FinTech and PayTech products. It provides the core backend functionality to accelerate customers’ time-to-market and overcome the development challenges.

What is the key functionality of

  • Merchant and individual
  • Self-registration
  • Two-factor authorisation
  • Customer documents
  • Customer onboarding
  • Multi-currency
  • Account creation 
  • Account balance
  • Transactions list
  • Account lock/unblock, close
  • In-system transfer
  • Invoice
  • Top-up/ Withdraw
  • Currency exchange 
  • Prepaid voucher
  • Customers list
  • Transactions list
  • Activity log
  • User management
  • Currency management
  • Fees and limits

Product development options

Dedicated development by Team + Platform

Details: the’s dedicated team with 15+ years of experience in FinTech development takes customers’ Products from concept to reality, using the robust Platform as the foundation. 

Advantages: access to skilled development resources without hiring and onboarding, accelerated Product launch, reduced development challenges. 

Best for: customers without an in-house development team or lacking the necessary expertise for FinTech projects.
More details on the dedicated development team.

Self-service development + Platform SaaS (subscription)

Details: a hybrid-cloud environment, where the backend functionality resides on the cloud servers, while your company maintains control over the databases on your servers. 
Advantages: quick deployment, scalability, data localization compliance
Best for: small startups or SMB teams.

Self-service development + Platform Source code (license buyout)

Details: source code license offers full control and independence from as a vendor. One license works for 1 country of operation.
Advantages: freedom to customize and scale the Platform without limits.
Best for: large businesses and enterprises with in-house teams ready to take care of the product development cycle.
See pricing details 

Technology behind is an API-first software with 400+ RESTful API endpoints built using a cutting-edge tech stack.

Learn more about technology
View Swagger API documentation 
Access a Sandbox Demo UI (to customize it, download an UI pack)

How to build a product on the Platform?

See the Knowledge base for detailed instructions. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.


The Platform allows you to integrate your product with the necessary third-party providers, like payment gateways, KYC/AML Providers, card-issuing vendors, etc.

Currently, we are working on a number of integrations that will be available out of the box. Сheck the Integrations page for details.

To develop integrations with third-party providers, check out the corresponding section in the Knowledge base

How to get started with

  1. Select the suitable delivery option – SaaS or Source code.
    Click here for guidance.
  2. Reply to’s email in your inbox (check in Spam if not found) stating your preferred choice (SaaS or Source code), and we’ll assist you accordingly.