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MPAY Digital Wallet: Ledger Layer with a Multi-Channel Platform

MPAY is a business built around a network of cash-in payment kiosks scattered all over Azerbaijan and abroad. The company grew from a cash-centered business into both an offline and online service provider. Now it offers access to various regional service vendors with a unique account and client profile available in the app and web solutions. MPAY wallet grasped the opportunity to create a reliable payment-oriented ecosystem, building it out from the general leger layer by

Project overview

There are two major points of growth for MPAY ewallet-like companies: introducing more vendors into the system and network expansion. To ensure the business growth in these points, such companies should strongly rely on the agile ecosystem centered around the general ledger layer software. MPAY wallet decided to create the ecosystem that will help to structure the existing business processes and give the functionality to develop online services later on. software was instrumental in bounding all the terminals in one system during the initial stage of cooperation between the two companies. When MPAY ewallet began building up its ecosystem and adding more functionality and services, software allowed to make the scale up and out smooth and painless.

First steps of work

The initial part of the and MPAY wallet cooperation was a discovery phase. The company’s software developers briefed the MPAY wallet team and found out what challenges and lacks of functionality their business workflow had. The main capabilities of the solution should have been:

MPAY Digital Wallet: Ledger Layer with a Multi-Channel Platform

Kiosk registration in the system.

MPAY Digital Wallet: Ledger Layer with a Multi-Channel Platform

Back-office for client account creation and management.

MPAY Digital Wallet: Ledger Layer with a Multi-Channel Platform

Data collection from each cash-in payment kiosk and its correct labeling.

MPAY Digital Wallet: Ledger Layer with a Multi-Channel Platform

Easy registration of service providers and currencies in the system.

MPAY Digital Wallet: Ledger Layer with a Multi-Channel Platform

Multi-asset general ledger to ETL (extract, transform and load) data from each registered account into one data lake. general ledger layer with API module already had the needed functionality with only a few adjustments needed. MPAY wallet was ready to complete the on-premise code purchase, start the knowledge transfer, as well as lead the development process with the help of’s experts.

Creating the ecosystem on top of the business process

The initial task of the and MPAY wallet was to create a reliable flow to introduce the new kiosks into the system. The development team added this functionality to the general ledger to log each unique kiosk entity.

MPAY wallet partnered with a payment gateway provider with a long history of collaboration. MPAY wallet tasked to integrate its ledger layer with the regional payment provider’s infrastructure. It involved implementing the payment gateway itself along with a bunch of related services.

At this stage of integration, the development team used the already available functionality of the ledger layer: it allowed the introduction of the currencies and their exchange rates, the payment gateway of the payment service provider, and log each transaction with supplemental data about each of them.

An additional objective of MPAY wallet was to introduce unique IDs and personal front-office for customers within the system. This forgoing decision allowed MPAY wallet to establish an efficient client management system and merge self-service payment kiosks and e-commerce functionality into one ecosystem. It also was done throughout the setup of the ledger layer software, which had the functionality of the role-based access to the platform.

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Making the system multi-platform

Initially, the system was built around the self-service payment kiosks placed in most visited sites of Azerbaijan. But MPAY wallet foresaw the market changes, and decided to move into providing services online too. The company wanted to integrate the ledger layer with the newly-introduced services and payment options via the Apple and Android apps and the native version of it. put its hands into creating the platforms and integrating them with the general ledger layer. The task was simplified as the team had already used the same API layer and structured the data extraction and collection via the whole system.

MPAY wallet guided in tuning up and extra development of the general ledger layer according to their business needs. They foresaw the market tendencies and played in advance, platforming to a more agile and reliable solution running on the modern stack. product and experience team allowed MPAY wallet to make quick integration and develop a smooth multiplatform access to the provided services.

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