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Stop the War. Stand with Ukraine!

We are, a neobank software development company with +15 years experience in the niche. We are a Ukrainian-Lithuanian company with most of our team members from Ukraine.

Our work at War

We fled our cities and towns that had become war targets and the humanitarian crisis zones. We are not warriors, but we are fighters. Our company carries on its commitments to our partners. So we go on with core banking development and current clients support. We do it for our partners, company, families and Ukraine. Our company and fellow colleagues help the Ukrainian army, Ukrainian Society and our citizens with donations, aid and shelter.

Our company contributes to the Ukrainian economy, working for the MENA, Western Europe and North America markets. While the export logistic chains crumble, our work secures money flow into the country. In this task we remain united with the Ukrainian IT community.

How can you help Ukraine?

The war should be stopped. The Russian aggression should be stopped.
State your company’s position. Stop investments into Russian startups and businesses. Stop cooperation with businesses that still operate in Russia, that comply with the authoritarian government’s position and fuel the war economy of the aggressor.

You can also help the Ukrainian army by directly donating here.

Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to the heroes!