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Stand with UkraineEmpower Resilience

Join us in our mission to support Ukraine on its path to victory, and a peaceful, prosperous future.

Support the fundraising campaign to assemble an army of drones for the Ukrainian Army.


Help the Ukrainian army by supporting the primary Foundation providing competent assistance to the military.


Donate to Prytula Foundation. They work closely with the Ukrainian Army buying the needed gear for combat units.


Support vetted social initiatives in Ukraine to help those suffering from the war.


Send your “greetings” to our enemy. Donate to write a signature on a rocket or a shell. Your donation will go to the Come Back Alive foundation.


Help the fleeing refuges with hot food in the frontline cities.

Donate operation during the war is a Ukrainian-Lithuanian FinTech software provider company with 15+ years of experience in the niche and with most of our team members based in Ukraine.

Despite the ongoing war in our country and humanitarian crises in some of our hometowns, our company remains dedicated to fulfilling its commitments to its customers and partners. And while we are not soldiers, we are fighters in our own way by aiding the Ukrainian Army and those affected by the war through donations, assistance, and shelter, as a company and as individuals.

Moreover, we contribute to the Ukrainian economy by working with markets in MENA, Western Europe, and North America. Our efforts contribute to helping keep the country’s financial flow secure even as export logistics face difficulties. In this endeavor, we stand together with the Ukrainian IT community.