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Scalable software to build a standalone digital wallet on top or add electronic asset accounting functionality to your product.
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Build in the general ledger and reporting software into the business workflow develops software solutions that add up functionality to the business and automate account management and transaction settlement.

Adjustable general ledger software for accounting, client management and business flow automation

E-commerce and POS system

The develops a product that one can use to integrate the entities like POS terminals into one system and collect the data out of them into one real-time database. The company designs commercial general ledger software that clients can integrate with mobile applications, e-commerce carts and clients’ accounts. The team also integrated payment getaways for Visa and Mastercard on top of such platforms. Read about it in one of our cases with a leading e-commerce company in the MENA region.

Multicurrency, commissions, and fees

The basic general ledger accounting software allows the introduction of different currencies into the system. Those could be real currencies with the actual exchange rates. Or one can introduce bonuses and rewards that are convertible in certain values. The ledger layer will account them accordingly and attribute specific amounts to the client IDs. This part of the multi asset platform functionality could be the solution for a loyalty program and bonus card within the e-commerce ecosystem.

Transactions management and accounting

The general ledger software gives the business accurate money or any other multi user asset accounting system. A reliable banking general ledger gives a primary source for data management of all financial operations and info matching with the banks, third-party solutions, and business actants. AI/ML-oriented databases give more functionality for reporting and real-time financial analytics. has experience in the integration of data analytics functionality on the top of the ledger layer. Watch our demo on how industry-specific reports help to understand what is going on in the businesses.

Centralized General Ledger software features

general ledger layer with modular structure

Modular Structure

General Ledger software has a modular architecture for better integration with the business that adopts it into the current workflow. shares documentation one can use to create specific business-oriented modules for their needs or task team to add up more functionality to the general ledger layer.

bank-quality accounting ledger

Highly Secure software is secure by its design. With more than a decade of experience in banking software development, the team implements a product development life cycle with a modern technology stack, automated infrastructure status, and software quality checks, strict secure deployment processes.

api-oriented ledger design


The General Ledger system software is built on the API-oriented architecture. It gives more flexibility in building the solution up and out. The API-oriented design allows the update of the separate modules of the software without halting the product.

Infrastructure-agnostic system for on-cloud/in-house deployment

An online general ledger software is designed to work on Azure or Amazon infrastructure. However, can help to launch the system on any other hardware. Business may decide that in-house deployment of the ledger is a more favourable decision. However, offers an option for on-cloud deployment of the ledger layer on its infrastructure. With that, offers subscription for the general ledger layer as well as on-premise one-time purchase.

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