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Banking Ledger Software for Neobanks, Ewallets, PSPs

For electronic money institutions (EMI) or payment institutions (PI) like neobanks, payment or money transfer apps, and payment service providers (PSPs), efficient accounting is critical due to stringent compliance and reporting requirements. ledger software offers a real-time accounting model that provides a breakthrough alternative for processing and accounting your financial transactions.

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What is ledger?

The Platform is a ledger layer-based FinTech software serving as the backbone for a range of financial services products. It provides a real-time transaction accounting model founded on the principle of splitting and merging transactions in a dynamic way, as opposed to traditional double-entry, fact-based accounting.

Advantages of the banking ledger over the traditional ledger

For business
For accountants
For your customers

Creation of complex business processes

While the traditional general ledger works perfectly well for simple business processes, banking ledger caters to the complex ones that require flexibility, like authorization, rolling of the reserve account, affiliate program, transaction with anti-fraud check, etc.

Business process automation

With ledger you can program business processes by setting rules for automatic calculation, execution, and recording of all technical transactions within the business process flow, such as commission extraction to a system’s commission account, affiliate reward extraction to the affiliate’s technical account, transfer of payment to the merchant’s account, etc.

Real-time transaction execution and accounting

Our accounting model works in real time and ensures that every transaction is executed and recorded immediately, providing access to up-to-date financial information at all times.

Automated accounting banking ledger automates the manual work traditionally performed by accountants. The system executes and records all transactions according to the previously designed and programmed business processes.

Traditional data available banking ledger can present accounting data as traditional entries, maintaining compatibility with established accounting practices.

Rewind, rollback, and cancellation of transactions

Unlike traditional accounting systems, allows you to rewind, roll back or cancel initiated transactions at any point in their execution. This gives you flexibility and control over your accounting records.

Instant payouts

With banking ledger, payment service providers can seamlessly facilitate fund transfers to merchant accounts and deduct commissions instantly, enabling merchants to access their funds without delay.

Faster processing ledger helps reduce the time it takes to complete financial transactions which enhances customer satisfaction and optimizes business operations.

Empower your financial product with a real-time accounting model banking ledger’s robust architecture leverages several key entities to manage transaction accounting operations effectively.

Banking Ledger Software for Neobanks, Ewallets, PSPs

Business Process

Each business process contains a flow, representing the transaction sequence within it.

Banking Ledger Software for Neobanks, Ewallets, PSPs


Flows dictate the order and execution of transactions. They can be designed to reflect business processes of any complexity.

Banking Ledger Software for Neobanks, Ewallets, PSPs


Transactions form the building blocks of flows. They can be split and merged, allowing for flexible and adaptive accounting flows that align with your specific requirements.

Banking Ledger Software for Neobanks, Ewallets, PSPs

Container organization

Our accounting model treats each wallet in the system as a container with properties similar to an object in programming. This enables effective wallet management and control over funds movement.

Choose your Development way

Our team will help you from the idea to the implementation of the Banking Ledger system.

Dedicated development team

Turbocharge your Banking Ledger product with experts

Let team of financial professionals with 10+ years of experience bring your  PayTech product with our Platform.
  • Accelerated Product deployment.
  • Ready-made PayTech backend Platform.
  • Experienced team without hiring headaches
  • Saved in-house team’s resources
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Self-service development

Get the pre-developed FinTech Platform for streamlined Banking Ledger development

Provide your development team with a ready foundation by for faster Product launch
  • Pre-developed backend software to build on top
  • No need to start from scratch
  • Efficient development for in-house tech team
  • SaaS and Source Code software versions available
More details banking ledger software – customer spotlight

Leading PSP (MENA): Revitalized payment lifecycle, improved scalability, enhanced accounting

The ledger has empowered our customers to optimize their accounting processes, deliver exceptional user experiences, expand their market reach, and unlock new growth potential in the fintech landscape.


MPAY: An intuitive payment app on top of ledger layer software

Learn how MPAY successfully converted their network of cash-in payment kiosks into a comprehensive payment app by seamlessly integrating with the ledger software and leveraging its robust foundation.


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