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White-label fintech software that helps you grow

One platform, two delivery models.
Choose cloud SaaS or on-premise with source code, or switch between the two.

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Quick and affordable start

The app is hosted on public cloud for an affordable monthly fee.

  • Hybrid cloud
  • Subscription-based
  • SaaS
Subscription fee (monthly)€900€1.300€2.000€4.000€6.000€10.000€15.000€20.000€25.000
Quantity of transactions0 — 1.0001.001 — 3.0003.001 — 10.00010.001 — 30.00030.001 — 100.000100.001 — 250.000250.001 — 500.000500.001 — 1.000.000Unlimited

Unlimited customizations and scalability

The app is hosted on-premise or in your private cloud, for a one-time flat fee.

  • On-premise
  • Source code license
  • Independence from the vendor


Source code license on-premise model provides total independence from the vendor for a one-time flat fee.

Note. 1 license can be used for operations in 1 country.

Pro tip.

You can purchase source code license anytime – for instance, after trying out the cloud version of the platform.

Talk to our experts on what option is the right fit for you

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    Frequently asked questions

    Is there a demo available?

    Yes, we provide a sandbox demo to try our platform functionality without waiting for a salesperson. Go ahead to our Demo page.

    Can I choose SaaS model and then switch to the on-premise version with source code license?

    Absolutely. You can purchase the source code licence anytime. Check out the details of the process.

    Are there any transaction fees?

    For the SaaS version, doesn’t charge any transaction fees unless your monthly plan limit is exceeded You pay only the subscription fees indicated for the plan you choose.

    For the source code version – no transaction fees at all.

    Can I cancel my subscription for the SaaS version?

    Our plans are month-to-month or annual. You can stop your plan anytime (but note that refunds are not provided in case of cancellation).

    Where can I get the guidance on configuring and using my instance of software?

    We provide exhaustive information and documentation in our Knowledge base.

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