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You pay only for the number of transactions* successfully processed via software.

The more transactions - the cheaper

As your transaction volume increases, per-transaction cost goes down.

0% transaction sum fees

Even a $1,000,000 transaction
costs you no more than $0,1.

Free all other API calls

Logins, document uploads, checking balance etc. are free

Scale down pricing


$0,1 per transaction


$0.01 per transaction


$0.00005 per transaction

See the numbers

Find detailed price breakdowns and explanations below.
Essentially, the cost depends on how many transactions you process through

1. Before you start

To begin using the cloud-based version of, there is a one-time setup fee of $2,500 to pay upfront (it covers the cost of our Software setup for you, non-refundable).
Following this, you will only be required to pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of successful transactions processed via software. See the detailed pricing breakdown below.

2. Development mode

Before your product goes live, using the software and infrastructure costs a fixed fee of $900/month.
Note. This fee does not cover any expenses related to product development carried out by the team. So, if you would like the developers to work on your product, their rates will be charged separately.

3. Live mode

Once you go live, we start charging you based on the number of successful transactions, with a minimum monthly fee of $2,500/month.
As the transaction volume grows, our price per transaction goes down once you reach specific milestones:

Transactions per monthCost per transaction
0+Minimum monthly fee


*A transaction means a successfully performed action of placing, transferring, or withdrawing funds using software.
For example, a successfully completed transfer of money from one account to another is considered as 1 transaction.

Example of the calculations

So, for up to 35,000 transactions per month, you will be charged $0.1 per transaction with a minimum sum to be paid – $2,500/month.
However, transactions above 35,000 per month will cost cheaper – $0.09.
The next milestone is 45,000 transactions a month, and the price is $0.08 per transaction.
And the next one – 55,000 transactions a month, with the price of $0.07 per transaction, etc.

For example, if you do 101,000 transactions in a specific month, your price breakdown would be:
35,000*$0.1 + 10,000*$0.09 + 10,000*$0.08 + 20,000*$0.07 + 25,000*$0.06 + 1,000*$0.05 = $3,500 + $900 + $800 + $1,400 + $1,500 + $50 = $8,150

As you can note, the first 100,000 transactions cost you $8,100, and the last 1,000 – just $50.

Let’s calculate another case.

For instance, if you do 400,000 transactions that month, your price breakdown would be:
First 100,000 cost you $8,100 (as we know from the example above) + 150,000*$0.05 + 150,000*$0.03 = $8,100 + $7,500 + $4,500 = $20,100.

Back-office interface for system management (optional)

Looking for more control and deeper insights? We offer a user-friendly back-office interface to manage your system and access data, built on our back-end APIs and available for an additional fee:

  • One-time setup fee: $500 (covers basic customization)
  • Monthly subscription fee:
    • Development mode: $250/month
    • Live mode: $750/month (regardless of the transaction volume)

Note. The back-office interface subscription fee is separate from the core subscription fee and is only applicable if you choose to use this functionality.


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    Frequently asked questions

    Is there a demo available?

    Yes, we provide an interactive sandbox demo to try our platform functionality without waiting for a salesperson. Go ahead to our Demo page.

    Are there any % on the transaction amount?

    For the cloud-based model by subscription, while you are in the Development mode, charges only a flat fee of $900 per month.

    Once you go live and start processing transactions, we charge per-transaction fees based on the number of transactions and regardless of the transaction amount, from $0,1 per transaction down to $0,0001 or less as your transaction volume grows.

    Can I cancel my subscription for the cloud-based version?

    Our plans are month-to-month. You can stop your plan anytime with 30 days’ notification in advance.

    Where can I get the guidance on configuring and using my instance of software?

    We provide exhaustive information and documentation in our Knowledge base.

    Is there a minimum or maximum amount for a transaction?

    There is no maximum or minimum. It could be cents or billions, whatever you need.