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Basic Digital Wallet Software Embeddable ewallet to enrich your product Advanced Digital Wallet Software Opening new opportunities for your payment-related business The most popular Standard Neobank Software Robust solution to jumpstart your banking business Fully-fledged Neobank Software Your own fully-fledged digital bank enriched by data insights Full-Scale ML-ready Neobank Software (hybrid model) A smart solution for a data science-driven digital bank
Source code ownership(except for the analytics dashboard)
Fully customisable by your team(except for the analytics dashboard)
Knowledge transfer30 days45 days60 days90 days60 days
Support (for your development team)3 months4.5 months6 months9 months6 months
Operational databases (on your servers)
Infrastructure monitoring
(application services, DB's, UI, API layer)
System monitoring
(performance, throughput, latency)
Data warehouse
(data used for the dashboard: reports, analytics, ML)
on cloud
Analytics dashboard
(reports, charts, diagrams)
Product manual for the team
Developer documentation
Customizable back-end
(you can modify out-of-the-box functionality)
Set of API
(back-end functionality of the product)
Customizable web UI for end-users
(customer-facing front)
Customizable web UI for the team
(system back-office)
limited featuresadvanced featuresfull features with the dashboardfull features with the dashboard
10% - non-refundable upfront fee for audit and knowledge transfer
90% - one-time source code ownership fee after the final decision
More about the purchase process is here
Subscription fee for analytics dashboardYes
Integration layer
Service provider
Internal module for integration with service providers to enable popular payments
(utility bills, mobile top-ups, Internet, gaming vouchers, traffic tickets etc.)
Payment gateway
Internal module for integration with payment gateways (to enable operations with third-party payment vendors)
Card management connector
Internal module for integration with a card vendor to enable card management
(cards issuing, tokenization, activation, blocking, PIN management etc.)
Banks connector
Internal module for integration with a banking network to enable bank payments: IBAN, SWIFT. ISO20022 formats.
Сustomer-facing featuresAPI only
Onboarding processBasicAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedAdvanced
Password recovery
Account creation
Multi-currency accounts
Internal P2P money transfers
Transaction history
Account balance
Card ordering and status management
Currency exchange
Transaction history export
Account total balance
(funds held in all accounts displayed in the selected currency)
Popular payments
(utility bills, mobile top-ups, Internet, gaming vouchers, traffic tickets, etc. Integration with service providers required).
Payment gateway operations.
(integration with payment gateways required)
Transfer templates
Transactions on the map
Transaction disputes
(ability to dispute a transaction)
In-system messaging.
(сommunication with customers via SMS, email)
Spendings and balance visualisation
(сharts and diagrams)
System management features for the teamAPI only
Currency and issuer creation and status management
Currency exchange rates input
(manual or automated - from external feed, for multi-currency systems)
Fees & limits
Comission types:
flat fee,
combined (flat fee & %-based),
+-% (for currency exchange)
Сommission payer selection for money transfers:
- sender
- recipient
- shared
Commission ranges
(different commissions based on the transaction amount)
Commissions applicable to all operations
(internal and external - with vendors)
Operations limits types:
by turnover during a specific period of time,
by the number of operations during a specific period of time
Contracts (pricing plans):
grouping all fees and limits in a "contract";
creation of tariff plans for customers to choose from
Pricing plan (a part of the contract system):
adding monthly (yearly) fee on top of a contract
4-eyes principle mechanism
(require approval from 2 back-office users for certain operations)
Users, Roles and permissions management
Roles management
(role creation and assigning permissions)
Back-office user management
(user creation, role and status management)
Role-based access management for back-office usersdefault roles
Back-office user log history
CRM & customer support
Customer profile information and status managementdefaultadvancedadvancedadvancedadvanced
KYC-management section
(approve/ban a customer based on their profile data and submitted documents)
All customer's transactions in all statuses
Customer account status management
Advanced log of customer activity in the system.
(login history, credentials changes, history of transactions and customer support communication)
Customer communication centre
(chat history included)
Dispute resolution
(refund, chargeback, void)
Feedback collection system
FAQ management
Reconciliation with third-party systems transactions
(manual or automated)
Reconciliation exceptions management
(translations management available)
Analytics dashboard
Customer segmentation
(cohorts, segments)
Customer acquisition reports:
new applications
KYC success rate
new customers,
churn rate,
customer database changes (increase/decrease)
Unit economics reports:
LTV (Life-Time Value),
break-even point,
NDR (Net Dollar Retention)
Revenue reports:
Gross Product Revenue,
Net Product Revenue
Product value reports:
pricing plans efficiency,
pre-churn signals,
operations share
Machine Learning based tools:
- anomaly detection
- suspicious transactions
- fraud prevention
coming sooncoming soon

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a demo available?

    Yes, you can check out our banking software demo at

    Can I get a custom package including only the features I need?

    The feature-sets of the products listed above are designed with perfect balance in mind. They provide not only the functionality that will be necessary immediately on your product launch, but also the features you might require after it gains some traction. So, we are convinced that choosing the ready-made product will be more beneficial for your business growth in the long run.

    Can I upgrade my product package after purchasing?

    Yes, you can start with a basic product package and upgrade to a more robust package later on. Due to the complexity of the products, it will require a tailored approach, and a certain level of customizations. So, we recommend that you go with a package that includes all the necessary features out of the box to save your resources for an upgrade later on.

    Are there any transaction fees? doesn’t charge any transaction fees – you pay only a one-time flat fee indicated above for the product you choose (and the subscription fee for the data warehouse as a service, in case you choose Full-Scale ML-ready Neobank hybrid model).

    However, you may be subject to the transaction fees from third party providers integrated with your product (if any).

    What is the core banking system price?

    There is no specific price for the core banking software. Different banking products have various configurations and technology stacks, so the price is diverse too. Also, the understanding of the core or basic banking engine varies.

    To get a better picture of how core banking products vary and what built-in features they already have, look into our Pricing page.