Knowledge base

Updated on 16 Nov 2023

Introduction is a flexible software solution that enables companies to create various fintech products such as digital wallets, neobanks, payment processing systems, money transfer services and more. By utilizing, companies can streamline the development process and save valuable time and resources.

This knowledge base serves as a compact guide to configuring and using the system. It covers essential sections that need to be considered:

System configuration: Discover the necessary settings to configure the system, including the creation of system users, default contracts and system currencies.

System management: Customize contracts, commission and limit rules, define actors and their behavior, and determine the primary services and features accessible to customers.

Wallet management: Learn how to effectively manage digital wallets within the system, including processes for storing and withdrawing funds.

Merchant Products Management: Gain insights into managing merchant products within the system, including how to create, view, update, and delete products.

POS Management: Discover’s capabilities for managing point-of-sale systems. Enable merchants to add, view, edit and delete their POS systems and ensure security by generating new secret codes.

Customer service and support: Understand the customer support functionality of the system and the API endpoints available for integration with specialized customer support services or CRM systems.

Third-party providers: Learn how to effectively work with and manage third-party vendors within the ecosystem to extend the functionality of your financial system.

Using this knowledge base, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the software solution and its features. This knowledge will enable you to develop innovative and successful FinTech products.