Updated on 21 Nov 2023

Invoicing is a crucial functionality for Merchants who use the E-wallet system to conduct their business transactions. An invoice is a document that details the goods or services that a merchant has provided to a customer, along with the price and any applicable taxes. 

E-wallet systems built on top of allow merchants to easily create, send, and manage invoices electronically, making the process more streamlined and efficient.

Merchants can easily generate and track invoices, automate payment reminders, and manage customer payments. This helps to improve cash flow, reduce errors and administrative burdens, and improve customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and convenient payment experience. 

Our current set of use cases related to invoicing includes: issue of invoice, view/search and filter the list of issued invoices, invoice templates, and payment of invoices. 

Having access to the source code it is possible to extend the Invoice fields according to the local accounting requirements, perform integration with a bookkeeping systems, connect invoicing with the Merchant’s products databases etc.