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Updated on 12 Jan 2024

This functionality is available on the provided UI of Merchant in a dedicated section “Invoices”.

Current flow to create the Invoice:
1. Create Invoice
2. Specify required information:
• Template – for creating invoices from the template. In this case, all parameters are loaded from the template;
• Invoice name;
• Payer contact – contact of payer registered in the system (email or phone);
• Recipient coin – choose the wallet to which the payment will be made by the Payer;
• Expires at – choose an expiration date for the invoice;
• Product code – code of the goods/services that Merchant is sending invoice for;
• Count – quantity of products/services;
• Product price – price per 1 item of the product/service;
• Amount – the total amount of the invoice;
• Description – product/service description or the field to leave some notes to the payer.

3. The invoice can be saved as a template for future usage by switching the “Save template” toggle.
4. Specify the template name if the previous option was enabled.
5. See invoice information:
• Payer
• Commission amount
• Invoice amount

6. Press the button “Create invoice”.
7. The invoice was created and can be viewed in the list of issued invoices.
8. The Payer receives the notification about an unpaid invoice.

The invoice can be issued and sent to the contact which is not registered in the system. In this case, the person will receive the email or sms with further instructions on how to register in the E-wallet system and pay the invoice.


API for this Use case

Issue Invoice