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White-label payment processing solution for MSPs and PSPs

Start growing your revenue by providing a complete stack of online and offline payment acceptance services for merchants using the ready-to-go payment platform from, without having to start from scratch.

The Software You Need to Build a New Stripe

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Cut down on the development time&costs offers a shortcut to the product development cycle, putting you right on the doorstep of product launch, rather than starting from the ground up, which saves 1 year of active development at the very least.

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Develop your product your way, no restraints

Get market-ready software and sculpt it as needed. You own it - you rule it. Benefit from the freedom of choosing your way, not bound by any vendor-related limits.

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Accelerate time to market merchant payment processing platform allows you to get your product on the rails (the basic version) asap. Extend its functionality via the shortest possible route thanks to the platform’s integration capabilities.

Make data-driven decisions

Obtain a bird’s eye view on the key performance metrics within a convenient back office and quickly spot new opportunities or areas to troubleshoot 

All the data at your fingertips white label payment processing software consolidates data from various sources to provide a deeper view into business performance.

Powerful reporting
Get instant visual insights from the easily digestible charts and diagrams based on hard data

Zoom in on details
Receive exhaustive information on each business area and generate custom reports in a few clicks

Speed up product launch and evolution

Launch your product up to 3-5 times faster* by integrating the necessary functionality via 400+ RESTful APIs with lower Capital expenditure (CAPEX).
*compared to building them from the ground up

The latest innovations at your service
Easily integrate with the best solutions on the market to expand the core feature set of your merchant payment processing software

Beat the competition
Get to win the race for customers by being the first to cater for their emerging needs and introduce new features thanks to payment processing software integration-focused architecture.

Grow your Profit 

Get the most out of flexible transaction fees and limits configuration possibilities to maximize your revenue, plus attract and retain customers via personalized tariffs

Independent pricing for transactions and products
Manage deposit and payment fees apart from payment cards fees and wire transfers (SWIFT/SEPA) for maximum flexibility

Personalized tariffs
Easily tweak pricing for the previously set up customer segments. Leverage individual tariffs to meet specific business contract terms

Impose money flow limits
Manage potential risk by activating turnover and velocity limits for specific merchant segments, based on the risk level.

Save Time for Reconciliations

Forget about reconciliation-related headaches and keep your transaction data in perfect order. Focus on growing your business, while the system does the heavy lifting ensuring consistency between your and your payment providers’ statements. 

Automated reconciliations
No need to manually go over each transaction – allows automating and scheduling the reconciliation process – so that it’s always done on time

Handle exceptions easily
In case of any data discrepancies, see exactly where the mismatch is, have the full transaction info at hand and be able to create a transaction from file in order to facilitate the execution of settlement.

Make your Payment Processing Service Irresistible

Show your audience you understand their routine and ensure they don’t waste time on trivial tasks. Attract customers by the top-notch UI that streamlines and optimizes business processes for them. Help them achieve higher efficiency and reap the rewards of a quickly growing customer base and profits. 

Customer onboarding

  • online account creation
  • documents uploading
  • manual KYC-related data collection
  • ability to integrate a KYC-vendor

Transactions management

  • Transactions on the map

Online POS

  • online POS registration
  • web-payments acceptance via:
    • hosted payment page 
    • host-to-host integration

Configurable checkout page for better conversion

  • Checkout experience analysis and optimization

Payment acceptance

  • In-store payments:
    • Via credit or debit cards
    • from digital wallet
    • from bank account
  • Online payments (checkout page):
    • by credit or debit cards
    • from digital wallet
    • from bank account
  • Accepting tips

Customer support

  • Built-in CRM
  • Customer data collection system
  • Customer support
  • Multilingual ready

Maker-checker transaction authorization

Dispute resolution tool

Roles & permissions management

Instant/Regular payouts

  • Receiving settlement amounts to the Merchant’s:
    • bank account
    • card
    • mobile phone
    • digital wallet
  • Receipts generation
    • manually, from transaction history
    • send email receipts after the transaction
  • Refunds initiation
  • Merchant digital wallet 
  • Invoicing & Payment requests:
    • push notification payment requests
    • dynamic QR-codes with POS data and transaction sum
    • invoicing by link via email, messengers or SMS

Integration-ready payment product software

Save on feature development and speed up the releases thanks to the integration-ready architecture of software for payment processing. Benefit from the freedom of choosing the infrastructure and database to run your payment product.

Servers infrastructure agnostic


API-first architecture

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Learn more about Software for Merchant Payment Processing

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