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Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Grow your revenue by providing a complete stack of online and offline payment processing services for merchants, enabling them to accept payments, from online to POS and QR payments. Use the PayTech Platform by to start providing your payment services without having to build your processing and payment gateway software from scratch.

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The software you need to build a world-class
payment processing business

Catering for all business types

Empower different businesses – from online e-commerce marketplaces to brick-and-mortar stores with to accept payments across various channels.

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Streamlined payment acceptance

Get maximum flexibility to customize the payment transaction flow and offer frictionless transaction processing both in-store and a secure payment gateway for online transactions.

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Any currency, multiple channels

Support an unlimited number of currencies and let merchants accept card payments, process digital wallet transactions as well as bank debit card payments, etc.

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Become a payment service provider through the pre-developed processing software

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Accelerated time-to-market merchant payment processing solution offers a shortcut to the product development cycle, putting you right on the doorstep of offline or online processing product launch, rather than starting from the ground up, which saves you months of active development.

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Facilitated integrations

Save on feature development and speed up the releases thanks to the integration-ready architecture of software for payment acceptance. 400+ API endpoints let you connect a broad set of payment providers and other services and process transactions fast and cost-effectively.

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Flexible delivery

Choose a hybrid-cloud SaaS model for an affordable and quick launch, an on-premise source code version for full control and independence from the vendor, or switch between the two.

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Simplified compliance

Hybrid-cloud SaaS delivery model lets you have your transactional core app hosted on a public cloud provider and maintained by our team, while you host your entire database with sensitive details on-premise or in the private cloud for top security and facilitated data localization compliance.

Fast-track your payment processor product launch and evolution

Launch your online payment system product up to 3-5 times faster* by integrating the necessary functionality via 400+ RESTful APIs with lower capital expenditure (CAPEX).

*compared to building them from the ground up
Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

The latest innovations at your service

Easily integrate with the best solutions on the market to expand the core feature set of your merchant payment processing software.

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Beat the competition

Get to win the race for customers by being the first to cater for their emerging payment acceptance needs and introduce new features thanks to merchant payment provider software integration-focused architecture.

Grow your profit

Get the most out of flexible transaction fees and limits configuration possibilities to maximize your revenue, plus attract and retain customers via personalized tariffs.

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Independent pricing for transactions and products

Manage deposit and payment fees apart from payment cards fees and wire transfers (SWIFT/SEPA) for maximum flexibility.

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Personalized tariffs

Easily tweak pricing for the previously set up customer segments. Leverage individual tariffs to meet specific business contract terms

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider

Impose money flow limits

Manage potential risk by activating turnover and transaction limits for specific merchant segments, based on the risk level.

Deep dive into the out-of-the-box feature set

Show your audience you understand their routine and ensure they don’t waste time on trivial tasks. Attract merchants with the top-notch UI that streamlines and optimizes business processes for them. Help them achieve higher efficiency and reap the rewards of a quickly growing customer base and profits.

Payment Processing Software to Become a Payment Service Provider
Customer onboarding
  • Online account creation
  • Documents uploading
  • Manual KYC-related data collection
  • Ability to integrate a KYC-vendor
Transactions management
  • Transaction history
  • View details of each transaction (currency, amount, type, time and date)
  • Transaction history export
  • Transactions on the map
Online POS
  • online POS registration
  • web-payments acceptance via:
    • hosted payment page 
    • host-to-host integration
  • Configurable checkout page
Payment initiation
  • send invoices and payment requests via:
    • push notifications
    • dynamic QR-codes with POS data and transaction sum
    • a payment link via email, messengers or SMS
Payment acceptance
  • In-store payments:
    • Via credit or debit cards
    • from digital wallet
    • from bank account
  • Online payments (checkout page):
    • by credit or debit cards
    • from digital wallet
    • from bank account
  • Tips acceptance


Instant/Regular payouts
  • Receiving settlement amounts to the merchant’s:
    • bank account
    • card
    • mobile phone
    • digital wallet
Receipts generation
  • manually, from transaction history
  • via sending email receipts after the transaction
Refunds initiation
  • initiating refund transactions on the customer’s demand
Merchant's digital wallet 
  • opening a digital wallet for the merchant’s personal use
Roles & permissions management
  • individual
  • merchant
  • administrator
  • accountant
  • compliance manager

Choose your Development mode

Our team will help you from the idea to its implementation in code and interface for your payment processing product.

Dedicated development team

With the professional development team, you can accelerate your FinTech project launch.

Use team of FinTech professionals with 10+ years of experience to start payment processing business faster.
  • Accelerated payment processing system release.
  • Ready financial backend Platform.
  • Expert team without hiring headaches
  • Saved in-house team’s resources
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Self-service development

Give your team access to the PayTech platform for optimised development

Empower your tech team with a powerful core for faster and more efficient payment processing software development on top of the Platform.
  • Ready FinTech software to build on top
  • Don’t start from scratch
  • Efficient development for in-house tech team
  • SaaS and Source Code software mode available
More details payment processing software – customer success stories

Leading PSP (MENA): Enhanced transactions accounting, improved scalability, fast payouts

Our customers have been able to optimize their accounting procedures, improve user experiences, expand their market presence, and explore new growth opportunities in the fintech industry thanks to the ledger.


MPAY: A user-friendly payment app

MPAY transformed their cash-in payment kiosks into a payment app by integrating with payment processor software, resulting in a successful conversion process.


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    Can I request a Demo of the payment processing software?

    Yes, we provide an interactive sandbox demo environment on our Product Demo page. It’s available there and then, no need to send a demo request and wait.

    Are there any location-related restrictions for using your payment acceptance software?

    There aren’t location-related restrictions for using our payment acceptance software, because the Platform can be easily customized, which allows you to comply with the regulatory requirements. With the hybrid-cloud SaaS version, you manage and host the main database, which helps to adhere to the data localization regulations.

    What tech stack is the payment acceptance platform built with? uses the most advanced technology stack for building its payment acceptance platform. We develop code on the Java 17 LTS. provides security testing with JUnit, Arquillian and OWASP security scanner. We review the code quality with SonarQube, UpSource and FindBugs.

    The implemented REST and gRPC API architecture helps to facilitate integration with third-party providers and services and assists in driving your banking or payment product innovation.

    Is an open-source payment processing software?

    The payment processing is available as SaaS version or with the source code license. It is possible to download and modify our front-office and back-office UI packs/UI kits on GitHub, but all functionality lies in using the APIs of the backend app.

    Is payment processing platform cloud-based or on-premise?

    Our digital payment processor software is available in two variants:

    1. The SaaS version is available on major cloud providers marketplaces like AWS or Azure, with a subscription-based payment model. You get the app deployed on the cloud, the database is hosted on your own server for the sake of data localization compliance and security.
    2. An on-premise version comes with the source code license, available for a one-time flat fee.

    Learn more about the details of the source code purchase.

    Can I buy the payment acceptance platform source code?

    To buy the payment acceptance platform source code you can contact us, and share your product vision.

    The purchasing process takes 3 steps:

    1. Technical audit of the product by your team
    2. Knowledge transfer period from our team to yours
    3. Signing the contract and code handoff.


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