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We offer a carefully curated selection of technology partners that have been pre-integrated into our Platform.  Our partner ecosystem is made up of top-tier providers from a range of industries such as card issuance, digital identity, payment gateways, foreign exchange etc.

Specializing in specific services, they can work together in your own Product built on Platform to enable you to incorporate top-notch FinTech services into your own product offerings and accelerate innovation.

Available integrations

Currency exchange Integrations


Currencycloud provides a comprehensive API-driven platform for businesses to manage and execute cross-border payments and currency exchange by offering seamless access to a wide range of currencies and payment methods.

SMS and email notifications Integrations

Amazon SNS

Amazon Simple Notification Service is a notification service provided as part of Amazon Web Services. It provides a low-cost infrastructure for the mass delivery of messages, predominantly to mobile users. Integrations

Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service is a cloud-based email sending service designed to help digital marketers and application developers send marketing, notification, and transactional emails.

Card issuing Integrations


We craft an integration with Marqeta, a prominent card issuing provider, to empower our customers to effortlessly issue payment cards and process card payments.

Payment gateway Integrations


Corefy, a payment orchestration platform, provides an adaptable, scalable, and budget-conscious infrastructure catering to merchant services for online enterprises across all scales and sectors.

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Mastercard Gateway

An integration with a cutting-edge payment gateway is poised to deliver payment processing, fraud prevention, and data analytics, ensuring a flawless and secure payment journey for your merchant users and their customers alike.

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File storage Integrations

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 has a simple web services interface that you can use to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.

AML & KYC Integrations


An integration with ComplyAdvantage, a platform offering advanced solutions for anti-money laundering (AML) monitoring, sanctions screening, and fraud detection, enables our customers to enhance their due diligence processes and maintain regulatory compliance effectively.

Integrations coming soon

KYC Integrations

Sumsub is currently working on integrating with Sumsub, a top-notch verification platform that offers secure KYC processing. With this integration, our clients will be able to undergo a quick and hassle-free verification process that is expected to be completed in just 43 seconds. The verification flow prioritizes a seamless user experience, with the use of AI-powered checks for further security enhancement.

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