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Fintech development services

Looking for expert fintech software developers to work on your FinTech or PayTech project? With, you get even more.

Our Platform provides complete backend software for financial products like digital wallets, banking, and payment apps, payment processing systems, etc.

In the hands of our experienced financial software developers, it accelerates your product launch or powers digital transformation.

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More than fintech development

Skip the most time-and resource resource-consuming part of your financial product development and seriously accelerate the launch.

Dedicated development team + pre-developed software

Have team of PayTech professionals with 10+ years of experience bring your product to life using our Platform.

  • Accelerated product delivery
  • Ready-made financial backend Platform
  • An expert team without hiring headaches
  • Saved resources of the internal team

We specialize in various financial products Platform serves as a reliable foundation for a range of payment, banking, and payment processing products.

Available as a hybrid-cloud software or as an on-premise solution with a source code license, it empowers a fintech developer team with unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

Fintech development services

Neobanking and online banking service

Disrupt the traditional banking landscape with a fully digital and customer-centric neobank. Create a modern and user-friendly platform that provides banking services, such as account management, payments, transfers, budgeting tools, and more.

Fintech development services

Digital wallet products

Empower your customers with seamless and secure digital wallet solutions, enabling users to manage funds, make payments, and conduct financial transactions with ease.

Fintech development services

Money transfer services

Enable hassle-free remittance with a customized money transfer solution. Whether domestic or international transfers, we can help develop a service that ensures speed, security, and convenience.

Fintech development services

Payment processing systems

Simplify and streamline payment operations with a custom-built payment processing system. From online payments to POS and QR payments and recurring billing, create a robust product that ensures secure and efficient transactions.

Fintech development services

Mobile banking apps

Tap into the growing mobile market with a dedicated mobile wallet app. Enable users to store payment credentials, make mobile payments, track transaction history, and enjoy other value-added features.

Fintech development services

Currency exchange

Facilitate currency exchange for your customers using our fintech software solution. Integrate real-time exchange rates, offer secure transactions, and provide users with transparent and competitive rates for currency conversions.

Benefit from the developer-centric technology...

Get a reliable foundation to boost the fintech development team’s operational efficiency

  • A backend app with an API layer (cloud-hosted or on-premise)
  • Customizable customer front-office UI package
  • Customizable team back-office UI package
Fintech development services

API-first approach (400+ RESTful APIs)

Fintech development services

Cutting-edge technology stack

Fintech development services

Scalable infrastructure

Fintech development services

Security by design

Fintech development services

Flexible CI/CD

Fintech development services


More on technology

…and end-to-end development services

Get a reliable partner to entrust the entire software development process to and focus on what you’re good at while we do the tech stuff.

Share your product vision.
Share all functional, non-functional, and technical requirements to create a solution that aligns with your business needs.

Gap analysis

Our BA team identifies the gaps and functionalities that require custom development. Leverage their decade-long expertise in fintech development to assist you every step of the way.

Choose the delivery mode.
Select a hybrid-cloud or on-premise version of our Platform. The difference lies in the delivery, business process customizations, and the volume of third-party integrations.

Start your way towards launch.
Our development team will focus on creating the product as per your roadmap, keeping you abreast of the progress, and taking care of all the complexities.

Fintech development services
Fintech development services
Fintech development services
Fintech development services

Reach out for a dedicated fintech development team

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Why choose financial software development services?

Fintech development services

Streamlined integrations software platform has 400+ API endpoints and is designed for easy integrations with payment gateways, and other necessary third-party service vendors. We also provide pre-integrated vendors for payment acceptance, card issuance, and KYC compliance. More about integrations here.

Fintech development services

Dynamic scalability

With a workload capacity of 400 transactions per second (TPS), effortlessly accommodates over 34 million daily transactions on a basic configuration. Whether your business processes 1 thousand or 1 billion-plus monthly transactions, ensures smooth operations, without any performance hiccups.

Fintech development services

Advanced tech stack

We use the most progressive technology standards for the current solution: Java 17 LTS, PostgreSQL 13, MongoDB 6.

Fintech development services

Expert team of financial software developers

Our full-time seasoned fintech development team has been developings robust financial services industry solutions for over 15 years, recognized by a number of fintech awards.

Intuitive back-office for your team

The white-label software from provides a solid base for your financial product to succeed – from configuring the system to empowering your team to exceed customer expectations with impeccable service.

  • Self-registration via email or phone 
  • Flexible survey and document uploading (such as identity, utility bills, etc)
  • KYC:
    • Automated (via a pre-integrated vendor – Complyadvantage)
    • Manual (via back-office interface)
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • All customer details and activities are in one place
  • Chats with customers via the in-system messaging tool
  • Notes about a customer for future
  • Top-ups and withdrawals
  • Payment gateway operations (via pre-integrated vendors)
  • In-system transfers or payments
  • In-system currency exchange
  • External currency exchange (via pre-integrated vendors)
  • Payment link
  • QR-payments (coming soon)
  • Refund and chargeback (coming soon)
  • Vendor terms and conditions input
  • Creating customer contracts with different sets of commissions and limits
  • Let customers choose the preferred contract type (e.g. with or without monthly fees) 
  • Customizable fees for any transaction: %, flat fee, or combination of them
  • Configuring the fee bearer (sender or receiver) 
  • Transaction limits (per period, amount or number of transactions) 
  • Company liabilities reconciliation
    • Liabilities in front of your clients
    • Liabilities in front of your vendors
  • Identifying unmatched transactions and discrepancies
  • Resolving the detected issues
  • Clear picture of your company’s gains on top of transactions
  • Chief Revenue Officer – oversight of fees and limits and monetization
  • CFO and Accountant – management of company’s financial health (reconciliation, cash, obligations management)
  • KYC officer –  verification of customers’ identity during onboarding;
  • AML & Anti-fraud officer – detecting and investigating money laundering and fraud risks
  • Customer success manager – assisting clients with their requests
  • Admin – managing team access and setting up new roles.

Financial companies’ case studies

A MENA PSP revamps transaction accounting system

Examine how a payment service provider (NDA) in the MENA region enhances its primary transaction accounting system by integrating's on-premise core software with its current POS software.

Fintech development services

MPAY - cash-in payment kiosks transformed into a payment app

MPAY successfully transformed their network of cash-in payment kiosks into a comprehensive mobile payment app by utilizing's FinTech software and building on top of it.

Fintech development services

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    Fintech software development FAQs

    How long does it take to develop a fintech software solution using

    The time it takes to develop a fintech software solution can vary widely depending on the complexity of the project, the size of the development team engaged, and the development process used. However, the fintech app development will take a few months at least.

    How much does fintech software development cost?

    The cost of fintech software development varies depending on the size and complexity of the project, the features required, and the size of the development team.

    When using to accelerate the launch, the cost will depend on the delivery mode – cloud-based software or Source code, with monthly payments or a one-time license fee accordingly, plus the rates of the development team and infrastructure costs.

    What is the process for developing a financial software solution on top of Platform?

    The development process for fintech software solutions is no different from any other and typically involves several stages, including requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and deployment. The development team works closely with the customer to ensure that the solution meets their specific needs, is user-friendly, and complies with relevant regulations and security standards.

    How do I integrate fintech software with my existing systems?

    The process and complexity will vary depending on the specific systems involved, but in case of Platform, it has 400+ API endpoints and exhaustive API documentation that facilitate integrations with third-party providers or existing systems.