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Build your neobank on our core banking software solution develops on-premise white-label banking software. Buy it to save time on product development and user acquisition.

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Core banking software your neobank needs to provide the service develops the open source core banking platform you can buy on-premise. We offer a white-label platform that suits your business idea and makes your neobank most efficient, easy to monetize, scalable and agile. Once you set up your banking core on your servers, it allows you to provide these services from day one:

Payments acceptance
Multi Currencies accounts
Popular payments
P2P money transfers

Payments acceptance

link Visa/Mastercard provider to your bank core processing system and offer purchases online and in stores. The platform is payment-heavy, so it holds millions of transactions a day. For more technical specs, fill in the application form to get a detailed Demo.

Multi Currencies accounts

add the currencies to your banking platform and make them available for clients’ daily operations. They will be able to keep their assets in the currencies they prefer as well as do transactions in them. When the client uses a different currency account, the exchange happens automatically.


create a great UX for your neobank clients. Show their spendings in the ready presets of charts and diagrams. We also visualize transactions in the interactive map. Now the clients can track where they were spending this or that amount of money.

Popular payments

add your local vendors to accept the payments for the Internet, utility bills, games, and many more you partner with.

P2P money transfers

offer the transfers between the closest peers of your client. The core banking software allows users to create and update the contact list. Let your client keep the credentials of the people he/she makes regular operations with.

Your neobank will profit from these features of our digital core banking platform

When you choose your core banking system, you predefine the future ecosystem you create for your customers and departments. For example, choosing a BAAS/SAAS solution you pay more in the long run, but do not pay the whole price at once. Still, you will not own, manage and update the core, as it does not belong to you. So, your whole business model and functionalities of the core banking software will depend on the vendor and his will. We suggest you do not depend on us that way. Choose our retail bank solution and build your company around this functionality:

Client development
Business analytics
Neobank monetization
Data warehouse

We redesigned the logic of what the core banking solution can do for you from the moment you set it up.’s core allows you to know the client in all details. Our system collects, structures, and visualizes the data about the client. You can analyze it at a general scope or go into details of each client and his card in the built-in CRM. Track his lifetime from the onboarding to the last day as the customer. With this data in your hands, shape a unique client-oriented ecosystem no other neobank has now.

Admin dashboard allows you to work with visualized data on how your neobank performs. These charts are more than just “What is going on in my business?”. You track the price of clients’ acquisition and the revenue you get from their actions. You can sort the data and compare different segments of clients and periods. See the leeks in your unit economy on the onboarding process, regular KYC checks, and new contracts introduction. The future of core banking systems will depend on the client analysis approaches in app and web marketing.

Backoffice allows you to know your customers and track their performance in different parameters and metrics. Some of them, like break-even point and average revenue per user can quickly inform you where you lose money throughout your digital core banking system. If you wonder whether your clients pay back your acquisition expenses before they churn, the dashboards will give you a whole up-to-date insight about that. When you go deeper and work on different price plans for the clients, you can see the dynamics, how the price plan pays off or not. Now you can change your unit economy with a click. has created an AI/ML-ready core banking platform. With data generated about your clients, their activities at the neobank, you may process it to your advantage. You can either create your own Data Science department and ask them to develop the software solution to work on this data or manage this data at our cloud-based management information system. Partnering with us allows you to work with huge amounts of data by subscription model, leaving the processing routine to our dedicated team.

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This solution works perfectly as a banking core platform for individuals and corporate

Either you create a neobank for corporate or individual clients, we may be the best solution for your business. Both cores are designed to be analytics heavy, with many setting options for price plans, fees and limits. We take interaction with customers to another level of quality and precision. Read more about the functionality of the core banking software that will help you outmatch the competitors.

How we supply the core banking platform sells the product for the companies ready to adopt, set it up and incorporate it into their neobank business process. You will need the team to maintain the core banking solution, add integrations with service providers and clients’ UI. When you send the application form and go through the whole process up to buying the core, we also guarantee our help in knowledge transfer and follow-up support. All in all, there are 5 key steps till you have a functioning core banking solution for your neobank. Anyhow, your first step will be to apply the form.

  1. Building a team
  2. Knowledge transfer from to your team and Product Quality Acceptance
  3. Making the Source Code Purchase decision
  4. Source code transfer
  5. Follow-up support

Ready to discuss how can help you build a stellar retail banking product?

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    What is a core banking platform?

    Core banking platform is a common term for the digital banking software that processes main financial operations of the neobank, challenger, or traditional bank. On a basic level, it is a digital ledger of all transactions committed via your platform. But a modern solution offers integrations with Visa/Mastercard, built-in neobank analytics, contact centers, and CRM. The core banking platform allows you to integrate vendors for popular payments, manage different currencies and exchange them. Core banking functionalities allow the digital bank to be web or mobile-designed.

    What are the main features of modern core banking software?

    Modern core banking software features depend on the type of the neobank you are about to create. There are banks for retail (individual) and corporate clients. While the first group needs the P2P payments option and welcomes flexible fees and limits for local vendors (bill, internet, taxi, gaming partners), business is more interested in mass payments. However, modern core banking software demands to be API-ready, on Java 11, AI/ML processing ready. Find out how our product suits the features you might want in your neobanking software core.

    How much does a core banking system cost?

    The core banking system’s cost depends on many factors. When you buy a white-label core banking solution, you get one price for the product from the moment you buy to a final set-up. Some companies offer deep customization of the prebuilt core banking solution, so the price may increase. Some companies offer a subscription model for their core banking products. It looks like a cheaper solution, but when you choose this option, you depend on the software provider and pay him annually. We offer a more balanced pricing approach for our core banking solution, check it out.

    How to choose a core banking solution?

    Core banking solution may strongly design the future performance of your neobank. You have to pick the best solution that will be agile, simple, and build on the modern stack of technology. Agility means that you can integrate it with contact centers, chat/voice bots, KYC tools, forgery tools. It also means that the core banking solution you are banking on is API-oriented and its separate blocks are designed to work together, but you can develop, update them separately, with no global changes. A simple software solution means you need to spend little time setting it up. In the best-case scenario, you do not need to core it from scratch.