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Digital core banking software solution

Reduce the development time for your neobank, retail or corporate banking product and save team resources by using the white-label digital core banking system software from

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Digital core banking software features

Serving the customers
Tailored for
Client onboarding
AML/Anti-fraud capabilities
Built-in CRM
User action history
Tailored for

Individuals (ewallet, neobank, money remittance, currency exchange)

Merchants (payment acceptance via POS or online)

Corporate (neobank for corporate clients) (coming soon)

Digital core banking software solution
Client onboarding

Self-registration via email or phone

Flexible survey and document uploading (such as identity, utility bills, etc)


Automated (via pre-integrated vendors)

Manual (via back-office interface)

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Digital core banking software solution

Accounts in any currency

Any digital assets: crypto, points, bonuses, etc.

Ledger for accounting and reflection in the system of any currencies or digital assets

Card issuing (via pre-integrated vendor)

IBANs (via pre-integrated vendor)

ACH (via pre-integrated vendor, coming soon)

Digital core banking software solution

Top-ups and withdrawals

Payment gateway operations (via pre-integrated vendors)

In-system transfers or payments

In-system currency exchange

External currency exchange (via pre-integrated vendors)

Payment link

QR-payments (coming soon)

Refund and chargeback (coming soon)

Digital core banking software solution
AML/Anti-fraud capabilities (coming soon)

Identify suspicious transactions promptly

Obtain the client’s confirmation to exclude fraud

Get a proof of income from a client to be AML-compliant

Freeze/unfreeze customer accounts if necessary

Close the case

Digital core banking software solution
Built-in CRM (coming soon)

All customer details and activities in one place

Communication with clients and creating notes

Chats with customers via in-system messaging service

Notes about a customer for future

Digital core banking software solution
User action history

Log of system activities by clients and team members

Full details: logins, sessions, actions performed

Valuable for investigation purposes

Digital core banking software solution
Monetization and finances
Contracts and vendors
Fees and limits
Reconciliation and settlement
Operations with cash
Contracts and vendors

Vendor terms and conditions input

Creating customer contracts with different sets of commissions and limits

Let customers choose the preferred contract type (e.g. with or without monthly fees)

Digital core banking software solution
Fees and limits

Customizable fees for any transaction: %, flat fee, or combination of them

Configuring the fee bearer (sender or receiver)

Transaction limits (per period, amount or number of transactions)

Digital core banking software solution
Reconciliation and settlement (coming soon)

Company liabilities reconciliation

Liabilities in front of your clients

Liabilities in front of your vendors

Identifying unmatched transactions and discrepancies

Resolving the detected issues

Clear picture of your company’s gains on top of transactions

Digital core banking software solution
Operations with cash

Ability to account any type of cash and manage “cash-desk” operations

Digital core banking software solution

Financial core banking system to build the bank customers will love

Obtain open source core banking platform license and deploy your CBS on-premise. Get the efficient, easy to monetize, scalable and agile banking core to make your bank the primary hub for all your customers’ banking needs.

Payments acceptance
Multi-currency accounts
Popular payments
P2P money transfers

Payments acceptance

link Visa/Mastercard provider to your bank core processing system and cater for the customers’ online and in-store purchases. The platform is payment-heavy, so it can withhold millions of transactions a day. For more technical specs, check a detailed demo.

Accounts in any currency/assets

add an unlimited number of currencies (both fiat and custom-created) to the digital core banking system enabling customers to keep their assets and transact in the currencies they prefer.

Visualized spendings

ensure the unparalleled UX for your digital bank’s clients. Show their spendings via the comprehensive set of charts and diagrams, plus picture their transactions on an interactive map. Make efficient saving easier by locating the most transaction-rich places.

Popular payments

integrate with the local providers to process utility bills, Internet payments, mobile top ups, and more – for the sake of your customers’ convenience and more monetization opportunities.

P2P money transfers

offer quick transactions between your customers and their closest peers right within their banking app. Our financial core banking software supports contact list money transfers. Let your cliens save their time for day-to-day operations.

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Banking core platform for retail and corporate sectors

Whether you’re building a consumer or commercial bank, we’ve got you covered.

Core banking software development way

Let dedicated team of FinTech professionals with over 10 years of experience bring your neobank to life using our Platform.

  • Accelerated digital bank deployment.
  • Ready banking software Platform.
  • Expert team without hiring headaches
  • Saved in-house team’s resources
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How we supply the core banking platform intends their software for the companies ready to adopt, set it up and incorporate it into their banking business process. You will need the team to maintain the core banking system, add the necessary integrations and customize the clients’ UI.
Here are the key steps in the process of obtaining an CBS for your digital bank.

  1. Building a team
  2. Product technical audit and knowledge transfer from to your team
  3. Source code purchase and transfer
  4. Follow-up support Core Banking Software FAQs

How much does core banking system cost?

We offer a balanced pricing approach for our core banking solution that depends on the feature set you select, product packages ranging from basic to full-fledged to cover various business requirements.

See pricing for details.

Can I request your core banking product demo?

Sure – you can access our product Demo here. For more details or if you have any questions, reach out with your request and we’ll contact  you shortly with answers.

Is core banking system cloud-based or on premise?

Our core banking software comes with the source code license and can be deployed on-premise. Learn more about the source code purchase and knowledge transfer here.

What core banking technology is used for this system?

You can get the details on the SDK.fnance core banking software technology stack, architecture, deployment and data migration here.