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Core Banking and General Ledger Software Demo

Find out how our banking software solutions help businesses to be attractive for the clients and effective for the in-house teams.

Watch the Demo

Digital banking software demo for neobank's core

A core banking solution is a general ledger layer with needed integrations to be the heart of the digital banking software or any other payment-heavy solution for the business. This general ledger layer works in the integration with an API module to connect databases, and separate tools (such as KYC tools, payment systems, and service providers). The back-office is a part of the functionality embedded into the core banking system. It is a workplace for the team, with built-in analytics around key banking metrics, CRM, and a contact center with manual KYC functionality. The core banking software demo is mostly a presentation of the back office and the basic neobank features. Any specific functionality needs integration and building up on the clients’ side. Watch it to get an idea of the product and where it may take the business.

Roles and Permissions
Clients Section
Contracts and Pricing

Security and team management

Our financial software demo shows how you can easily secure the access to the neobank for your teams. Apart from the pull of trusted domains, we show how to assign the roles to your employees and create new roles too.With all the security measures we take while developing the software, account control and management is the final touch that allows you to control your team effectively.

Functional teams will use the sections they really need. Find out why the core solution is flexible and suits any team structure you design for the bank

Know your clients for real

Our online banking software demo shows how you can easily secure access to the neobank for your teams. Apart from the pull of trusted domains, we show how to assign the roles to your employees and create new roles too. With all the security measures we take while developing the software, account control and management is the final touch that allows you to control your team effectively.

All data in one place. Visualized, updated

The built in analytics works from the day one you set up the neobank. This section gives you answers on the business questions “What, where and why” you need to do in your ecosystem to succeed. The dashboard visualizes the data about your new clients, their behaviour within the neobank, monetization and effectiveness of the price plans you offer.

Get into how the data we collect makes your neobank a more successful business. The presentation of the solution gives the idea of how build-in analytics may be more lucrative than a whole team of business analysts.

Design neobank ecosystem and services

Your neobank lives by the services you present to your clients. You can integrate popular gateways and local service providers that your clients will likely use. This section has the functionality to create currencies and define the exchange pairs.

Contracts section gives you the instrument to create price plans and service conditions with various options for the clients. You can charge per each transaction regarding its amount or offer a year subscription with a limit of a certain operation.

Learn what options will you have in your neobank to present the services to the best interest of your clients

Cloud banking software demo develops infrastructure-agnostic solutions for clients with different business needs. Some look into launching the neobanks, while others want to re-platform or create a new workflow of the ETL (extract, transform and load) process. A general ledger software solves the ETL problems many payment-heavy businesses face while working with the old software solutions that have been developing with the gradual business transformation and growth. Such a product allows omitting prior mistakes in system development.

The company develops ledger layers that could be deployed on the cloud or in-house. On the AWS marketplace, we have a cloud general ledger layer demo. You can get a distributed version on the cloud by subscription. offers the general ledger layer itself and the API module to set up the data flow from various data sources.

The general ledger layer does not store the information from the data lake, but enriches it, transforms, and returns it to the data owner’s host. It acts as a connector between the data sources and an integrator between different functional modules within one business ecosystem. The ledger is a multi-asset system where client can create new entities within the system. For example, one can introduce new currencies and manage their exchange rates. On-cloud ledger layer is a core of the retail, e-commerce or any other payment-heavy business.

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    Online banking software demo gives just a portion of what we offer

    What is the core banking software demo for neobanks? develops complex white-label solutions for neobanks. To show all the functions we can offer in our banking core, we create comprehensive demonstrations of the product. These may be the videos or instances of the program with key functional parts of the neobank.

     It will be useful for you to get an idea of what banking software solutions are trending now and what is the expertise of the company that develops such products.

    Will my piece of banking core have all the features from the demo?

    Yes. provides a product with all the features you see in this online banking demo. Manageable access to the sections of the neobank is predesigned in the product as well as money remittance software, build-in analytics, and client management system. Ask us more about the banking core we provide to our clients.

    Will these neobank features be available on-premise or subscription?

    We provide the white-label banking software on-premise as a company. All the features in the demo are available in the on-premise version that you may set up on your servers. does not offer a subscription model for its banking core. However, if you need the capacity to run your neobanks’ data analysis, we can offer our data warehouse on a subscription basis.