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Software for building a digital retail bank

Flexible and scalable ledger layer platform to build a digital retail bank on top of it. Go to market faster and base consumer banking platform on a powerful core.

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Future-proof your digital retail bank by building it on platform

Accelerate time-to-market offers a development cycle shortcut for your retail banking software, putting you right on the doorstep of your neobank product launch. Get your digital-only bank on the rails ASAP and turn the first several years of development into the first years of growing your customer base and revenue.

Cloud-based or on-premise

The consumer banking software solution from for digital retail banking comes in two versions – cloud-based SaaS or on-premise with the source code license.

  • Choose cloud for an affordable and quick start with backend app maintained by our team, and database run by yours.
  • Switch to an on-premise version with source code anytime and have the whole system in your hands to handle integrations, feature development and customizations as per your product roadmap.

Performance without compromise

Base your neobank on a reliable banking platform designed by a team with 15+ years of experience in building payment products. The latest – 5th version is the essence of our knowledge and expertise, accumulated through hundreds of millions of transactions, and years of banking software development. retail banking platform is a powerful system able to handle the influx of users and transactions, serving as a solid foundation for any features you decide to build on top of it.
Learn more about the technology here.

Read the cases of how our solution is used by business helped regional payment heavy business to build the business process upon our digital ledger layer for retail banks.

Leading MENA PSP revamps its transaction accounting system

Explore how a leading payment service provider (NDA) from one of MENA countries transforms its core transaction accounting system by integrating on-premise ledger layer software with its existing POS software.

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Building a multi-channel payment management platform

Find out how we helped a regional player putting cash-in payment kiosks into one system at first and added functionality for e-commerce on top of the business flow later on.

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Let's discuss how we can help with your banking product launch

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Design your retail banking solution with productivity in mind

Convenient back office
In-product CRM
Commission fees & limits
Flexible pricing plans

Ensure team efficiency consumer banking platform’s back-office caters for team agility. It features an uncluttered UI, a convenient dashboard with analytics data on all business areas, system management, and the capability to automate certain tasks (e.g. reconciliations).
This enables every team member of the retail banking software to shift their focus from routine operations to important business or customer service tasks, boosting their efficiency. This will reflect on the overall client management and revenue growth.

Understand & retain your customers

Our retail banking software allows collecting useful info about the users’ activity within the system, which helps improve the customer service and allows to promptly satisfy the customers’ needs, driving increased loyalty and gross profit.

Maximize your revenue

Use flexible transaction fees and limits configuration to monetize each customer segment and reach the balance between providing value and growing your business profit.

Use case example
Here’s how you can leverage custom fees and limits for money transfers to increase your gross profit:
For transfers up to $1,000, you can set a 2% fee
For sums in the $1,000 – $2,000 range, you can offer a 2%+$5 fee.
For larger sums, a fee can make 3% from the transaction amount or a flat fee of $55+.

In this case, you can use pre-configured limits based on the type of operation and period, to ensure that the pricing plan is beneficial not only for the end-users, but also for your business.

Acquire new customers

Attract and retain customers via personalized pricing plans. Acquire new client segments by setting up appealing tariffs for the target audience, and profit from other operations’ fees plus an increased LTV.
Use case example
Here’s how you can use a custom pricing plan to attract new customers to your neobank – immigrants who send an average of $1,000 per month to their families:

Instead of a 2% regular money transfer fee that makes $20 per $1000 transfer,
you can offer them a $5-worth monthly subscription for transfers up to $1,000 total.
So, your customers will benefit from a 75% ($15) discount from the regular P2P transfer fee ($20 per month), which will motivate them to choose your neobank.
You benefit from monetizing other financial operations the newly acquired users perform in your bank.

Build the retail digital bank your customers will stay with on top of platform platform offers the features needed to doom your neobank for success and make it the primary hub for all your clients’ banking needs thanks to its customer-centric approach.

Multi-currency accounts

Let your clients keep their funds in the currencies of their choice. Add as many currencies to the system as you find necessary.

Currency exchange

Allow customers to operate any currency they need. Automated currency exchange is in place for transactions involving different currencies.


Categorize your useres’ spendings and present them as charts and diagrams. Show a map of transactions based on the location they have been performed at.

Visa/MasterCard issuing

Offer a full set of cardholder services via issuing Visa/MasterCard cards linked to the customer's account (vendor integration required).

Popular payments

Integrate local vendors to enable utility bills and internet payments, cell phone top-ups, and payments for other popular services

P2P money transfers

Enable quick money transfers to the clients’ friends and family, saving their time and helping split the bill.

Deeper overview of retail banking software features platform also presents a robust foundation to add a number of must-haves to your future-ready neobanking solution.

Software for building a digital retail bank

Customer onboarding

Fully remote process of account creation and KYC data collection. Our retail banking software solution allows you to integrate a KYC tool.

Software for building a digital retail bank

Customer support

Basic functionality to communicate with your bank users on their requests. Unlimited integration possibilities if you need a more proficient solution.

Software for building a digital retail bank

Multilingual localization

Easy translation management to make your digital bank accessible in the languages your customers speak.

Software for building a digital retail bank

Payment templates

Saving payment details for the client's recurrent transactions.

Software for building a digital retail bank

Contact list

The tool allows your neobank users to transact with the contacts from their list. It can make a great referral program opportunity when offered at the right time.

Software for building a digital retail bank

Dispute resolution

Allows consumers to dispute transactions and preserve the dispute history.

Software for building a digital retail bank

Reconciliation and settlement

Automated reconciliations by schedule, quick data mismatch spotting, and convenient exceptions management.

Software for building a digital retail bank

"4-eyes principle”

A classical mechanism - an operation requires an approval from two people before it can be performed. It is also referred to as the two-man rule or the maker-checker principle.

Software for building a digital retail bank

Roles & permissions management

Manage team access to the back-office by customizing the pre-configured roles’ permissions or creating new ones.

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    What are the benefits of using SDK-finance retail banking software?
    1. offers a robust ledger layer software that serves as a reliable foundation for building a neobank or a digital retail bank, so you are free to shape your product according to your product vision, yet saving at least 1 year of active development and lots of team resources instead of having to start from scratch.
    2. Your team gets to tailor your banking software so that it meets all industry regulations, security and compliance standards.
    3. You receive a stable, reliable engine for your banking business which you can easily extend via integrations, virtually without restrictions.
    4. You can use the cloud-based version of our software for a quick start without commitments and huge investments.
    5. We offer the option to switch to the on-premise version via purchasing the source code license for full control and independence anytime.
    Can I request your retail banking product demo?

    Since we offer a foundation for building a neobank or a digital retail bank, not the ready product, you can access the interactive demo here to get the idea of what the platform is capable of. If you’d like more details, reach out with your request and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

    What integrations are supported by the neobanking software? architecture allows integrating any 3rd-party tools for each stage of the customer journey. Our open digital banking API set makes it easy to connect the ready-made components to the banking engine rather than having to develop them from scratch.

    Is digital retail banking system cloud-based or on premise?

    Our platform for building digital retail bank or neobank is available both as a cloud-hosted version and an on-premise one with the source code license. Find out the details of the source code purchase and knowledge transfer.

    Are there any location-related restrictions for using your digital banking software?

    There are no location-related restrictions for using digital banking software from The primary databases are under your team’s control, while hosts and maintains the backend application on AWS or another cloud service provider. Consequently, you can comply with regulatory requirements related to sensitive data management and storage.

    What technology stack is used for the neobank platform? uses the cutting-edge technology stack for building the neobank platform. ” We develop code on the Java 17 LTS. Our team provides security testing with JUnit, Arquillian and OWASP security scanner. We review the code quality with SonarQube, UpSource and FindBugs.

    The implemented REST and gRPC API architecture helps to facilitate integration with third-party providers and services and assists in driving your banking or payment product innovation.


    Is an open-source neobanking system?

    The neobanking system is available as a SaaS version by subscription or one-time source code license purchase. You can download and modify our front-office and back-office UI packs/UI kits on GitHub, but all functionality lies in using the APIs of the backend app.

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